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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Pakistan may not maintain nuclear assets if economy collapse, Shahbaz Gill

PTI leader warns that Pakistan will not be able to afford defense expenditure if the economy is destroyed, says foreign forces want to weaken Pakistan economically

Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf top leader and former Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Political communication Dr. Shahbaz Gill in a video statement raises concerns over the deteriorating economic situation of the country. He said the anti-Pakistan foreign forces want to destroy Pakistan economically. He expressed his fears that the country may not be able to bear the defense budget if the economy gets collapsed. Dr. Gill warned that Pakistan will not be in a position to maintain the nuclear assets even if the economy went crashed.

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Shahbaz Gill lashed out at the federal government’s decision of increasing fuel and gas prices. He held the government responsible for the sky-rocking inflation rate in the country in less than two months. He said in his video statement that high fuel prices will bring a new wave of inflation which is already at its record peak of 14 percent.

Everything was going in the right direction during the previous government. Pakistan witnessed record export, the highest ever remittances, the industry was growing, agriculture growth was at 4 percent, and the GDP rate was at around 6 percent, said Mr. Gill. Then, a conspiracy had been carried out against the former government with the help of the local handlers and they overthrew the government. They have derailed the development of Pakistan, Shahbaz Gill apprised. He states that the former Prime Minister Imran Khan and Finance Minister had already informed the powerful authorities that Pakistan was well on the track to economic progress and any change in government can detract the progress of the country.

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Now the government is in the hands of corrupt and looters, which causes heavy consequences for the economic fate of the country, said Dr. Gill. He reminded that economic security is the backbone for the national security of any state, without it, even a strong army cannot save any country if its economy got destroyed, he told while referring to the erstwhile Soviet Union. The current army chief had also pointed out that a strong economy is key for national security and without a strong economy, no country can sustain its sovereignty while giving the example of the former Soviet Union’s disintegration. Dr. Gill declared the current PDM government a serious threat to the national security of Pakistan and said those who brought them committed a great mistake.