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Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pakistan Plans Deportation of Legal Migrants: Jan Achakzai

In the ongoing crackdown on illegal foreigners in Pakistan, the government, according to Balochistan's caretaker Minister for Information Jan Achakzai, is set to repatriate registered migrants following the deportation of undocumented settlers.

Pakistan’s government, as part of its ongoing crackdown on illegal foreigners, has announced plans to deport not only undocumented settlers but also registered migrants.

Caretaker Minister for Information Jan Achakzai emphasized the need for foreigners in Pakistan to possess authentic documents, stressing that hundreds of thousands have obtained fake identification cards.

Acknowledging that 80,000 immigrants from Balochistan have already left the country, Achakzai announced the government’s intention to repatriate registered refugees, underlining the necessity for all migrants to comply with proper documentation.

The deterioration of Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan has played a pivotal role in this decision, with the minister warning against harsh statements from the Afghan government.

Achakzai underscored Pakistan’s commitment to combatting terrorism, citing recent intelligence-based operations that revealed Afghan involvement in acts of terror on Pakistani soil.

Amid concerns about rising terrorism and national security threats, the government aims to assert its sovereign right by ensuring the documentation of all migrants, signaling a decisive stance on immigration policies.

Escalating Tensions and Security Concerns

As relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan experience heightened tensions, Achakzai pointed to the alarming increase in suicide bombings and terrorist incidents, attributing these statistics to the interim Taliban government’s control in Afghanistan over the past two years.

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Achakzai expressed concern over the trading of illegal American arms in Afghanistan’s black market, posing a direct threat to national security. The minister criticized the Afghan government for allowing terrorist sanctuaries and training centers to operate unchecked, emphasizing that Afghan soil is being exploited for activities against Pakistan.

In light of these security challenges, Pakistan remains resolute in addressing the issue of illegal migrants and safeguarding its borders.

Mass Deportation Operations and Collaborative Efforts

Achakzai lauded the collaborative efforts of the provincial governments, particularly commending the Sindh government for its cooperation in executing mass deportation operations.

The minister disclosed that approximately 800 people are fleeing the country every other day, highlighting the urgency of the situation. The provincial government, working in tandem with federal authorities, is actively deporting around 10,000 undocumented Afghans daily through the Chaman border.

Additionally, measures have been taken to block 100,000 fake identity cards in Balochistan, underscoring the commitment to ensuring the authenticity of migrant documentation. As the government asserts its sovereign right, the mass deportation operations are expected to have far-reaching implications on Pakistan’s security landscape.