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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Pakistan released new map: India rejects amid overwhelming reaction on Twitter

The bold yet unanticipated move by the government of Pakistan on the Kashmir issue shook observers globally. It resurrected the debate around the Indo-Pak partition and the division of Kashmir.

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Immense reactions emerged on social media after Islamabad released the new map of Pakistan yesterday. The federal cabinet on Tuesday unveiled a new political map of the country, which includes Indian-occupied Kashmir in its entirety. Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired the meeting that approved the map.

The bold yet unanticipated move by the government of Pakistan on the Kashmir issue shook observers globally. The release of the new map set in motion colossal reactions and extensive discourse on social media. It resurrected the debate around the Indo-Pak partition and the division of Kashmir. The internet users quoted historical facts to argue in favor and against the new map of Pakistan.

Pakistan released new map: global reactions

The unveiling of a new map of Pakistan coincided with the anniversary of the forced annexation of Jammu Kashmir by India. Pakistan had released the new map on the eve of Kashmir Siege. A year ago on August 5th, 2019, India had stripped off Jammu Kashmir with its special status in the constitution through the abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A.

India had forcefully annexed Jammu Kashmir and dissolved its semi-autonomous status. The aggressive move breathed a new soul into the 73-years-long struggle for self-determination and freedom of Kashmiris living in the Indian Occupied region.

Now, strong reactions against the new map of Pakistan have popped up on Twitter from India.

Prime Minister Imran Khan shared the new map of the country on his Twitter account. While Pakistani analysts term it a decisive and significant step of Pakistan for Kashmir’s cause, the Indian government rejected the new map outrightly.

The decision of the government of Pakistan to include the entire Kashmir valley in its territory is supported across the board-the the ruling and opposition parties unanimously approved and passed the new map of the country.

Pakistan in the new map has asserted the claims on the lost Muslim-majority territories that were granted to India during 1947 partition. A Pakistani analyst state the new map“strengthens Pakistan’s claim on Jammu and Kashmir marking it “Indian illegally occupied J&K”. Also, it Reinforces claim on Junagadh & Manavadar illegally occupied by India 3. Depicts Pakistan’s claim on Siachen Glacier 4. Clarifies position on Sir Creek 5. Shows FATA part of KP.”

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Another observer wrote, “The new map is an executive move documenting comprehensively Pak’s position on all its territorial disputes including IIOK, Siachin, Sir Creek, Junagadh, etc and together it constitutes a lawfare response to India’s 5 August 2019 ultra vires law,” said Ahmer Soofi, a human rights analyst wrote on Twitter.

Editor Global Village Space Publication, Najma Minhas also shared her views on the events unfolding on Kashmir issue in India and Pakistan.

Several Pakistani and international observers have hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan for spearheading the fight for Kashmir issue and courageously pitching the claims of Pakistan on Kashmir globally.

Disputed views from India

However, Indian observers have given disputed views on the new map of Pakistan. A cross-section of analysts has blamed the divisive and reckless policies of Hindutva apologist-BJP for stoking political tensions between both the countries and weakening the stance of India on the Kashmir issue. They argued that the ruthless action to annex Jammu Kashmir flared up the issue globally and goaded Pakistan to stiffen its stance on Kashmir’s cause.


While international observers have anticipated that the new map of Pakistan will inject more tension between the two countries.


Kashmir Siege Anniversary

Meanwhile, Pakistani and Kashmiris from across the world are expressing ire and grief against the illegal annexation of Jammu Kashmir by India. Messages and posts on the siege in Kashmir have swarmed social media. Pakistani and Muslim communities are protesting against the Hindu supremacist regime of BJP and PM Narendra Modi. A score of Indians is celebrating the foundation laying of Ram temple at Ayodhya today following the destruction of Babri mosque on the site 28 years ago.

Observer Michael Kugelman noted that the events unfolding in India on the anniversary of Kashmir Siege symbolizes the defeat of secular and pluralist India.

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The annexation of Jammu Kashmir, the continuing lockdown and extreme bloodshed in the valley for the past one year, is linked with the cleansing of the Muslim population in Kashmir.