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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pakistan, Saudi Arabia both necessity of each other: FM

Referring to the Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir, he said Kashmiris are setting their eyes on Pakistan. He added that we are grateful to China for helping us take up the Kashmir issue in UN Security Council thrice in a year. It is a big movement forward.

Foreign Minister(FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are both necessity of each other, therefore, their relations were, are, and will remain deep.

“In past bilateral ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have, are will remain cordial as well in future. The ties between the two countries are a necessity for both of the countries.  There is no hindrance in the relations between us. We will have more sittings with Saudi Arabia in near future. Saudi Arabia has unequivocal and historical stance on Israel”, he said this in a statement here at Beijing during his visit to China.

He held the Saudi foreign minister’s stance on Palestine is categorical and very clear. Saudi Arabia has pursued an unambiguous stance on Palestine.

Referring to Occupied Kashmir, he said the situation therein is deteriorating day today. Change has come in the situation in Occupied Kashmir within one year What is happening in Occupied Kashmir is open to everyone.

Thanks to China for upholding the Kashmir cause!

Kashmiris are setting their eyes on Pakistan, he said adding we are grateful to China that we succeeded in taking up Kashmir issue in UN Security Council thrice in a year with the help of China. It is a big movement forward.

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He underlined certain forces don’t want that peace process moves forward in the region. India is today stoking terrorism in. The world is seeing that voices are being raised from within India against the Indian government.

China has come to fore when India tried to occupy disputed territory, he remarked. The mindset of nations is changing to a considerable extent, he added.

He underscored world situation is changing. China has always stood by Pakistan in challenging times. China and Pakistan have contained coronavirus epidemic to a large extent.

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He held the two countries have to move forward with mutual consultation. No one can deny the significance of CPEC. Both China and Pakistan know important changes have taken place in the region.

“I will represent Pakistan in Pakistan-China strategic dialogue. I will meet Chinese foreign minister too. Pakistan and China are eager to exchange views on evolving situation in the world. Talks will take place on diverse sectors including CPEC. I hope my meeting with Chinese counterpart will remain conducive. There will be exchange of views on early completion of CPEC.

He observed considerable change is being witnessed in Afghanistan. We endeavor to come up to the expectations of friendly countries. We too hope that our friendly countries come up to our expectations.

The foreign minister said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif too had delivered speeches. The letter has been written to both of them asking them to tell if they have any proposal.

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He observed that Prime Minister Imran Khan, the whole cabinet, and our party have lauded the endeavors made by the foreign office.

Pakistan’s resolve against terrorism is unwavering, he announced.

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