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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan Savagely Retaliates to India’s Latest Commercial

Cricket World Cup is on and the heat from London seems to be cooking up minds of people in the South Asian sub-continent. India and Pakistan were one country for 90 years under British Empire and their rivalry is legendary to watch. Cricket is like religion and matches always bring huge spectators. India in the past have made ads mocking Pakistan's losing streak but this time tides have turned and Pakistan has retaliated with an ad Indians don't think is funny at all

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Pakistani cricket fans, responding to Indian video attacks, have released an advertisement mocking captured Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman ahead of upcoming India-Pakistan clash in the ongoing Cricket World Cup 2019, scheduled on 16th June.

India’s sports channel initiated a tirade of offensive advertisements against Pakistan for having a consecutive record of defeats against India in the ICC World Cup. On 8th June, India released an advertisement mocking Pakistani fans with mediocre jokes and a song ‘Mauqa Mauqa’ being played at the end of the commercial.

On 9th June, India’s Star Sports again released an advertisement mocking Pakistan for not winning a single match against India so far in the history of ICC World Cup. An Indian fan can be seen mocking both Pakistani and a Bangladeshi fan for being unable to defeat India in the ICC World Cup. The Indian fan can be seen somewhat discouraging the Bangladeshi and Pakistani to not to pin high hopes with their team in matches against India since they will lose this time too.

The advertisement is a parody of the video of Abhinandan Varthaman in which he replies to every question asked by the Pak Army Officials with: “Sorry Sir! I am not supposed to tell you this”

Mauqa Mauqa was released during ICC World Cup 2015 for the promotion of India-Pakistan. The advertisement returned this year but with a twist of Father’s Day.

The ad shows a Pakistani fan saying to his Bangladeshi counterpart that his father said one should always keep trying and never give up. The overexcited Indian fan then interrupts the discussion asking: ‘when did he say this?’, implying that India is the father since both Pakistan and Bangladesh have been carved out.

Pakistan’s Retaliation

In retaliation to India’s advertisements, Pakistan’s largest cellular network company Jazz released an ad mimicking the released video of captured Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman by Pakistan armed forces in February. Wing Commander Varthaman remained in captivity of the Pakistan armed forces for sixty hours after his jet was shot down by the Pakistan Air Force for violating airspace laws of Pakistan from the LoC.

The advertisement is a parody of the video of Abhinandan Varthaman in which he replies to every question asked by the Pak Army Officials with: “Sorry Sir! I am not supposed to tell you this”.

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The actor playing Abhinandan Varthaman in the ad is heard saying that same line “Sorry Sir! I am not supposed to tell you this” in questions asked related to the match.

Twitter Reactions

The people of India, particularly the Indian news channels, are furious with the advertisement as they claim that Pakistan has made a ‘below the belt’ advertisement mocking their national hero. They expressed their hatred and anger against Pakistan through Twitter. Pakistan netizens also retorted and schooled the Indians to refrain from making such advertisement that hurts the spirit of the game.

Indian Tennis star and wife of Pakistani cricketer Sania Mirza also lashed out on netizens of both countries stating that it is just a game and must maintain their maturity and avoid making cringe-worthy advertisements.