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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Pakistan selling weapons to Ukraine?

A video of Ukrainian soldiers using 122 MM artillery projectiles made by Pakistan Ordinance Factories has gone viral. 

Ukraine and Russia continue to launch attacks on each other. Tuesday, Ukraine launched a counterattack near the southern city of Kherson in a bid to reclaim the territory. Meanwhile, Russia claims that it deflected the attack.

Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, reports have emerged that Pakistan is allegedly selling artillery to Ukraine. A video of Ukrainian soldiers using 122 MM artillery projectiles made by Pakistan Ordinance Factories (PFO) has gone viral.

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“The massive needs of the Ukrainian Army when it comes to artillery are being met from some unorthodox sources- Ukrainian artillerymen were spotted using 122mm HE artillery projectiles made by Pakistani Ordnance Factories (POF),” Ukraine Weapons Tracker (UWT), a defense Twitter platform, stated while sharing the video.

While official authorities in Pakistan have not yet acknowledged the reports, a debate on social media has emerged due to Pakistan’s neutral stance on the conflict and its ties with Russia. Pakistan remained on the sidelines and even refused to condemn Russian actions in Ukraine despite international pressure. The West, particularly the United States, put pressure on Pakistan to officially oppose Russia’s invasion.

Securing business and defense interests

On the other hand, one of Pakistan’s top independent intelligence platforms, OSINT Insider, explained how Pakistan allegedly selling weapons to Ukraine is not something to worry about in a series of interesting tweets.

OSINT Insider explained “how business works in the pragmatic world” and gave the example of the defense cooperation between Russia and India.

To clarify, India is Pakistan’s arch rival and Pakistan and Russia share strong diplomatic relations. However, Russia is also India’s biggest weapons supplier which are used against Pakistan, and even China, another close ally of Russia and Pakistan. Yet, Russia shares strong ties with Pakistan and China despite being a major arms supplier to India.

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“Pakistan understands this and has no problem with Russia-India close ties. Similarly, Pakistan also has to secure its business & defense interests,” OSINT Insider said.