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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Pakistan shoots down two Indian Aircraft: DG ISPR

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Pakistan Air Force on Wednesday has shot down two Indian aircrafts that violated the Line of control by entering into Pakistan Airspace, DG ISPR Maj General Asif Ghafoor said.

“In response to PAF strikes this morning as released by MoFA, IAF crossed LOC. PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace. One of the aircraft fell inside AJ&K while others fell inside IOK. One Indian pilot arrested by troops on the ground while two in the area,” said DG ISPR.

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Two Indian fighter jets– that had taken off from Srinagar base– have been shot down, one crashed in Budgam, Indian Occupied Kashmir and two pilots of that jet have been killed.

Two pilots of one of the two Indian Aircraft that crashed in Pakistan’s territory ejected and are alive; one pilot has already been arrested by Pakistan and one is on run and search for that pilot is being carried on.

As per details, both aircraft tried to violate the line of control in the morning today. Pakistan Air Force shot down one of the jet that entered into Pakistan’s airspace down.

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Yesterday, DG ISPR Maj General Asif Ghafoor warned India in his press conference that Pakistan will surprise India and retaliate in a befitting manner to any Indian adventurism.

Pakistan Air Forces had earlier chased away the two Indian Aircraft that had entered into Pakistan’s airspace in Balakot region and failed the Indian mission of targeting civilians. Pakistan political leadership and military forces had made it clear afterwards that no such violation will be tolerated by Pakistan.

This is a developing story.