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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Pakistan strives to collaborate with Russia to join BRICS

As the application process unfolds, Pakistan is actively engaging with member nations, with a particular focus on securing Russia's support.

Pakistan has set its sights on joining the prestigious BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) alliance. The Pakistani envoy to Moscow, Muhammad Khalid Jamali, disclosed that the country has sought assistance from Russia in its pursuit of BRICS membership. As the application process unfolds, Pakistan is actively engaging with member nations, with a particular focus on securing Russia’s support during the anticipated expansion under Russia’s presidency next year.

Pakistan’s Diplomatic Endeavor with Russia

Jamali’s statement to the Russian news agency TASS underscores the collaborative efforts between Pakistan and Russia in navigating the intricate process of BRICS membership. With the formal application already submitted, Pakistan is strategically leveraging its diplomatic ties with Russia to enhance its chances of being admitted into this influential geopolitical group.

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Diplomatic Outreach and Geopolitical Significance

Pakistan’s diplomatic initiative extends beyond mere application formalities. The country is proactively reaching out to BRICS member nations, with a special emphasis on gaining endorsement from Russia. This strategic move aligns with BRICS’ overarching objective of fostering diversity and providing an alternative to Western-dominated international forums.

BRICS Expansion 

The timing of Pakistan’s bid coincides with BRICS’ recent decision to invite six additional countries, namely Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. This expansion underscores BRICS’ commitment to consolidating its role as a robust geopolitical entity, offering an alternative narrative to Western-led institutions such as the G7 and the World Bank. It also reflects the alliance’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and multipolarity on the global stage.

Challenges and Opportunities for Pakistan

Joining BRICS is a big deal for Pakistan, showing a major change in its diplomatic approach. But it’s not all smooth sailing. There are challenges and questions about where Pakistan stands in the alliance. A tricky situation arose when Pakistan wasn’t invited to the recent BRICS summit in South Africa, making things a bit complicated. The Foreign Office hasn’t spoken up officially, so people are left guessing about what Pakistan is up to in the world of diplomacy.

Quest for Global Balance

Given the current global landscape, which includes notable events such as Russia’s involvement in Ukraine and the increasing tensions between the United States and China, BRICS strives to act as a counterbalance to the prevailing Western influence. In this context, Pakistan’s pursuit of BRICS membership strategically aligns with the shared vision of reshaping the global geopolitical scenario towards a more multipolar direction.

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Pakistan’s determined endeavour to become a part of BRICS, supported collaboratively by Russia, represents a pivotal moment in its diplomatic journey. As the complex application process unfolds, the results will not only influence Pakistan’s relationships with significant global actors but will also play a role in shaping the changing dynamics of international alliances. The upcoming months will reveal the success of Pakistan’s bid and its potential implications for redefining geopolitical narratives within the BRICS community.