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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Pakistan team to dedicate T20 World Cup victory to Asif Ali’s daughter

Asif Ali has revealed the team will dedicate the T20 World Cup victory to his daughter who passed away due to blood cancer. She was19-months old and was diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer. This was a huge blow to the cricketer and impacted his performance immensely.

Pakistan cricket team has pledged to dedicate the victory to the late daughter of Asif Ali if they win the T20 World Cup.

19-months old daughter of Asif Ali had lost her life to blood cancer back in 2019. She was diagnosed with fourth-stage cancer and could not survive. Asif Ali has revealed the team will dedicate the T20 World Cup victory to his daughter.

“If we manage to win the T20 World Cup, all players will dedicate it to my daughter,” Asif was quoted as saying.

His daughter, Noor Fatima, lost her life during the cancer treatment at a hospital in the US while he was on a month-long tour to England with Pakistan Cricket Team.

It was a huge blow to the cricketer that impacted his performance immensely in the past two years. It was during the fourth season of the Pakistan Super League that Asif Ali came to know about the illness of her daughter.

Before taking her to the US in his tweet he said: ‘My daughter is fighting stage IV cancer and we are taking her to the US for her treatment.’

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Meanwhile, Asif Ali has been instrumental in Pakistan’s victory against New Zealand and Afghanistan in the T20 World Cup matches.


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His powerful hitting and extreme confidence helped Pakistan cruise to the semifinals and register consecutive victories. Asif Ali has proved himself a brilliant addition to the Pakistan cricket team.

Pakistan has become the first team to confirm its place in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup 2021.

Pakistani skipper Babar Azam has also become the top T20I batsman, according to the latest rankings released by International Cricket Council (ICC).

While the team is drawing awe of cricket fans from across the world for their magnificent on-field performances, they are also winning hearts off-field as well.

Pakistani players graced the dressing room of the Namibia cricket team and felicitated them for supporting cricket and the wonderful display of the game.