Pakistan unbans TikTok on ‘assurances’

PTA will continue to monitor the platform in order to ensure that unlawful content contrary to Pakistan’s law and societal values is not disseminated.

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Pakistan’s Telecom regulator lifted a ban on TikTok on Friday after assurances by the platform to control “immoral and unlawful” content.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said it decided to lift the ban on the Chinese video-sharing app after “continuous” engagement with TikTok management.

“As a result of continuous engagement, senior management of the platform assured PTA of its commitment to take necessary measures to control unlawful content in accordance with local laws and societal norms,” it said in a statement. “PTA will continue to monitor the platform in order to ensure that unlawful content contrary to Pakistan’s law and societal values is not disseminated.”

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The PTA has blocked and restored the app several times during the last year on similar charges — the last in July.

Last March, the Peshawar High Court imposed a ban on the video-sharing application, which was later lifted in April.

Just after two months, the Sindh High Court ordered PTA to block access to TikTok because it was “spreading immorality and obscenity.” But the court lifted the ban three days later.

In its latest transparency report, the platform said it removed more than 81 million videos globally between April and June 2021, including over 9.8 million from Pakistan, for violating guidelines.

TikTok most downloaded app

The Chinese origin app, TikTok secured its spot for the most downloaded app in a survey conducted in 2020. It has overtaken other apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. In a January 2021 report, it was shared that TikTok had the most screen time compared to any other app.

In the tech world, app positions not only show the audience preference but also indicate that the company’s shares are likely to soar. Online networking is an integral part of Generation Z’s daily life. Short video apps like TikTok and Snack video have gained much prominence especially in parts of Asia.

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The problem, however, with TikTok becoming a top app is related to its data privacy. Many asserted that personal information disclosed on TikTok is not safe. In 2020, former President Donald Trump demanded that the company sell off its operations in the U.S. otherwise it would be banned.

Anadolu with additional input by GVS News Desk


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