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Friday, April 19, 2024

Pakistan will be on FATF Grey List – Confirmed

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Sources in Paris, have confirmed to GVS, that Pakistan indeed has been put on FATF Grey List and this will become operational from 1st June. Sources argue that though member countries did not have consensus, three days ago, when Pakistan’s foreign minister,  Khawaja Asif, had claimed that through a tweet. However situation changed as a result of hectic and intensive lobbying by the US and perhaps UK. Few counties could stand the pressure when US is spending political capital. Pakistan had been on the Grey list, before between 2012 and 2015, and managed to get off the list and it continued with its financial transactions, however it had much better relations with the US and now US is fully aligned with India, so it remains to be seen how Pakistan will handle the new pressure tactics. 

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Some TV channels and TV Anchors have declared that Pakistan has already been put on FATF grey list and it will be effective from June 1st. However, FATF spokesperson has denied that. 

In a statement Financial Action Task Force (FATF) spokesperson Alexander Daniela, in Paris, has denied that Pakistan had been included in the grey-list. While speaking to a private media channel Daniela that the final decision will come once the matter has been reviewed, currently the meeting is underway.

Earlier, Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson said, “Pakistan has serious concerns over the motion moved by US and UK at the Financial Action Task Force to put the country on the grey list. “Spokesperson from FO also said that reports from the FATF and the International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG) are still awaited.

A few hours ago, Indian media started spreading a news story, apparently a disinformation to shape the environment, that Pakistan had been placed on the Grey List, which was refuted by Pakistan Foreign Office and FATF spokesperson. However, some Pakistani TV Channels and Anchorpersons went on air announcing that Pakistan had been put on FATF Grey list and that it will have grave implications.

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One key anchorperson was unusually sharp in his condemnation of Pakistan, ignoring altogether that US lead move, cosponsored by UK, is in fact a long standing Indian agenda and has got support from the US due to recent tensions between Pakistan and Trump administration and US is reacting because Pakistan is refusing or unable to comply on US demands in Afghanistan – and most countries are ganging up against Pakistan due to intense lobbying and pressure from the US.

However, TV Anchorperson presented this only as a professional issue, disconnected with the larger reality. Has Pakistan been put on FATF greylist or has been given a three month period to reform its anti-money laundering mechanisms is still not clear? It will be clear within the next few hours.