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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Pakistan will come to a standstill on Friday to support Kashmir

Imran Khan in his address asked the Pakistani people to stand in solidarity with Kashmir and tomorrow on Friday, Pakistan will come to a standstill and national anthems of Pakistan and Kashmir. Businesses and traffic will stop for half an hour.


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan called on the country Thursday to join mass demonstrations to protest Delhi’s actions in Indian-administred-Kashmir as tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals continued to boil.

“I want all Pakistanis to come out tomorrow 12 noon-12.30 pm to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people,” Khan wrote on Twitter, adding: “We must send a strong message to Kashmiris that our nation stands resolutely behind them.”

The call to join protests Friday repeated earlier demands from Khan for Pakistanis to begin holding weekly nationwide rallies until the prime minister departs for the United Nations General Assembly next month, where he vowed to act as an ambassador for all Kashmiris.

Tensions have been soaring between Islamabad and Delhi for weeks in the wake of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move to strip India’s portion of Kashmir of its autonomy and bring it under direct rule.

Khan’s renewed calls for protests came as the Pakistani military announced earlier Thursday the testing of a surface-to-surface ballistic missile

Kashmir has been divided between the two countries since independence and has been the spark for two major wars and countless clashes between the arch-rivals.

In February, the neighboring countries again came close to all-out conflict, after a militant attack in Indian-held Kashmir was claimed by a group based in Pakistan, igniting tit-for-tat airstrikes.

Khan‘s renewed calls for protests came as the Pakistani military announced earlier Thursday the testing of a surface-to-surface ballistic missile, with the army’s spokesman saying the weapon was “capable of delivering multiple types of warheads”.

Analysis by GVS News Desk

Pakistan has successfully taken the Kashmir issue to world’s human rights’ authorities and UNSC which held a session for Kashmir after 50 years. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed to fight for Kashmir at every front. Imran Khan called himself an ambassador of Kashmiri people and promised to go to any length to resolve the Kashmir issue.

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Pakistan Army sent a strong message to Indian occupying forces and said, ‘Pakistan Army will stand with Kashmiri brothers and sisters till the very last’. International community has also condemned Indian actions in Kashmir and called the move unconstitutional. Pakistan was successful in bringing the world’s attention to what India called an ‘Internal issue’.

AFP with additional input by GVS news desk