Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor buys fighter jets for Ukraine: reports

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Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor helps buy Ukraine two fighter jets to fight against Russia, claims his wife who is a Ukrainian national.

Newsweek cited Ukraine’s TSN reports that quote the statements of Zahoor’s wife. Zahoor’s wife is Ukrainian singer Kamaliya Zahoor. She said that her husband and other friends are secretly helping Ukraine in their fight against Russia.

Kamaliya said that her husband helped Ukraine get two fighter jets. “(Mohammad) gave me the green light to tell this. Because they hid these [actions]. They gave two fighter jets to Ukraine and help Ukraine,” she said, as per the media outlet. She made these claims on May 18th during a television talk show “Morning with Ukraine”.

Mohammad Zahoor used to live in Ukraine before the war broke out. He is the former owner of the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post. Since the outbreak of war, he has been calling for the safe evacuation of the Ukrainian citizens.

The Pakistani-British businessman has been reportedly mobilizing funds to help evacuate refugees to the UK and other European countries from Ukraine.

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In March, in his interview with Arab News, Zahoor called on the world to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia. “I am openly taking the side of Ukraine because after seeing [reports from] Western, Ukrainian, and Russian media, I can see and decide who is telling the truth. This is the time actually for everyone to speak up for Ukraine otherwise every big country is going to swallow its next-door neighbor,” he said.

So far, Mohammad Zahoor has not replied to an email asking for his confirmation of the news.

Meanwhile, Russia continue to attack Ukraine. The Russian onslaught on Ukraine began in February. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of lightning-fast retaliation if countries interfere in Ukraine. Russia has told the United States to stop sending arms to Ukraine, saying large Western deliveries of weapons were inflaming the conflict.