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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Pakistani celebrities react to increase in petrol price

YouTuber-turned-actor Arsalan Naseer said: “Will 'Ghurbat' be abolished from the country or 'Ghareeb'?”.

Pakistani celebrities are slamming the government for the petrol price hike. Several celebrities have expressed outrage on Twitter and also criticized people for not taking to the streets against inflation and price hike.

“Pakistaniyon tum 500 rs litre bhi dalwa loge. Afsos! The nations that don’t stand up for themselves, deserve this and worse!” said Farhan Saeed in his tweet. The singer said that nations who don’t stand up for themselves deserve worse than this.

Saeed is known for his takes on social and political issues on Twitter. The singer-turned-actor also commented on the frenzy around Tim Hortons in Lahore. Talking about the overwhelming crowd at the café of the international chain in Lahore, he said: “Thr’s nothing wrong with #TimHortons record-breaking first day, there’s nothing wrong with #psl ceremony, it shows our potential. But yes it shows a disconnect in society, which is not ok. The only reason for this is that #pakistan resilient nation isn’t governed properly.”

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Reacting to the petrol hike, actor Samina Pirzada said: “Everyone’s development is in the development of Pakistan. Just do it, cruel, let mother earth live and flourish. Let people breathe.”

YouTuber-turned-actor Arsalan Naseer said: “Will ‘Ghurbat’ be abolished from the country or ‘Ghareeb’?”. In another tweet, he said that Government should open 2 stores of the clothing brand Khaadi and 4 outlets of Tim Hortons to get a loan deal from IMF.

Commenting on the ongoing political and economic crisis, famous designer Deepak Pirwani said: “Pakistan’s political disaster and its ravaged corrupt and bankrupt economy should be a case study in democratic politics. Will teach many countries not to make these mistakes for their future generations #pakistan.”

In another tweet, he said, “#pdm should be Pakistan destroyed movement. Is Anything left?”

The Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Senator Ishaq Dar introduced the supplementary Finance Bill 2023 (mini-budget) in the National Assembly. The coalition government seeks to fulfill the conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to secure the loan program needed to avoid a default. Government has increased