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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Pakistani celebrities: Recipes for stabilizing the economy?

Pakistani celebrities, Shaan Shahid and Hamza Ali Abbasi, shared some golden advice to revamp the economy of Pakistan, in the wake of the ongoing historic Dollar-to-rupee disparity, the actors suggested remedies on Twitter after rupee sharply declined in value against dollar in the international market.

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The mighty plunge of rupee against Dollar stimulated tension and panic amongst people. Netizens began questioning the current government of the possible economic upheaval anticipated by various economic analysts. At that moment, the celebrities stepped in and consoled the enraged netizens.

Shaan Shahid initiated a social media trend called ‘#BuybackPakistanirupee’ on Twitter. “Appeal to all my fellow Pakistanis .. #buybackpakRs no matter how little or how big one can afford but let’s put in our share,” he wrote.

Shaan continued, “Let’s start with whatever little we have to start with exchange 50,100 or 1000 and buy back our rupee. We must not question right now. Let’s unite as the threat is mutual. We have a right to disagree with each other but let’s agree on our survival our future.”

“Our currency, our pride,” he tweeted. “We must defend it from economic attacks that are challenging our freedom and our right to exist. In this war, we are all economic soldiers. We must defend our rupee.”

The Parwaz Hai Junoon actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi, soon joined the trend and urged people to sell off their Dollars in the market.

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“I don’t have a dollar account but my mother and sister have one. I am proud to announce that today they converted all the dollars into PKR,” the Mann Mayal star shared. “So I request all of you to DITCH THE DOLLAR and buy Pakistani rupee as soon as possible and play your part in strengthening our currency!”

Whether they were able to convince their followers or not but nevertheless, the Boycott Dollar became a top trend in Pakistan last week.