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Monday, July 15, 2024

Pakistani couple gifts traditional pakol hat to US judge Frank Caprio

A Pakistani couple gifts traditional Pakistani hat ‘pakol’ to the famous judge of the United States of America, Frank Caprio.

The judge is famous for his viral videos. His humble and kind gestures toward people while charged with violating traffic rules have won the internet already. Chief Judge Frank Caprio charges people with fines in court for violating traffic rules.

He is, however, famous for his friendly and humble gestures with interacting with people coming to the courts. In the latest video, Chief Judge Frank Caprio interacts with the Pakistani couple hailing from Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The judge charged the couple with a fine of $65. The judge in the conversation asked the lady if she had been to the Italian restaurants in that particular area. He briefly talked about the history of the area in the viral video.

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The couple then requested to take a picture with the judge. The judge agreed and called them up for a picture. Before taking the picture, the couple presented him with a famous traditional pakol hat worn by people in the northern side of Pakistan.

The man explained to the judge that his father brought it for him but never got a chance to give him. The hat is handmade. The man helped the judge wear the cap. After wearing the cap, the judge said, “I’ve just been baptized a Pakistani”.

The video is making rounds on social media since yesterday and has amassed massive views. Netizens appreciated the couple for owning and presenting the culture of Pakistan in a foreign country. The couple is hailed for keeping the Pakistani tradition alive while living abroad. Others added that this gesture of the couple shows their love and warmth for their culture and country.