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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pakistani Dr. Asifa Akhtar to receive Leibniz Prize 2021 in Germany

Dr. Asifa Akhtar will receive the award for her pioneering cell-biological work on the mechanism of epigenetic gene regulation.

Pakistan-born researcher, Dr.Asifa Akhtar to receive a prestigious Leibniz Prize 2021 in Germany. The prize is the most important research award in Germany.

According to the reports, Akhtar is the first international female vice president of the biology and medical section at Germany’s Max Planck Society. Max Planck Society is Germany’s most promising research organization. Nearly 18 noble laureates have emerged from its ranks of scientists since its inception in 1948. The exceptional research work produced by the institution brings it at par with other global research institutions.

Dr. Asifa Akhtar will receive the award for her pioneering cell-biological work on the mechanism of epigenetic gene regulation. The award also included a cash prize of €2.5 million.

The molecular-biologist is among the 10 scientists to have received this award. “Congratulations, Dr. Asifa! You make both Pakistan and Germany extremely proud with your outstanding contributions to science!” the congratulatory note read.

Pakistanis making country proud

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She is not the only Pakistani to have made the country proud this year. Ali Zaidi, a Pakistani born 33-year-old will be serving as a climate policy advisor to Biden’s administration. He will be named as deputy to the president of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Gina McCarthy, who will be spearheading the Biden administration’s domestic climate policy. NDRC is an international nonprofit environmental advocacy group based in New York.

Zaidi came to the US from Pakistan when he was five years old. He was serving as a deputy secretary for New York’s energy and environment before this key decision. He has also served in the Obama administration for eight years, as an associate director for natural resources, energy, and science at the White House Office of Management and Budget. Ali Zaidi co-founded Lawyers for a Sustainable Economy, which gives startups focused on climate free legal advice and services. He also taught at the prestigious Stanford University.

Earlier this month, 4 Pakistanis have made the list of Forbes 30 Under 30 list for North America region 2021.

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These individuals have been included in the list for their contributions in different categories from education to marketing and advertising, and gaming.