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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Islamabad-based journalist reveals gory details of motorway gang-rape case

In a conversation with the journalist, the relatives of the family said that woman and her children were in absolute shock and did not speak a word for hours

Renowned Pakistani journalist Feereha Idris on Thursday revealed the harrowing details of the Lahore-Sialkot motorway gang-rape case in a detailed Twitter thread. Idris says she met the victims of the incident – the woman and her three children. She shared the gory details of the incident with her followers, leaving social media users teary-eyed.

In a conversation with the journalist, the relatives of the family said that woman and her children were in absolute shock and did not speak a word for hours following the physical and sexual assault. The journalist says the woman blamed herself for the incident.

In one of her tweets, the journalist quoted a relative as saying that there was a moment when she changed and sat down on the floor and cried and cried with her scream reaching the peak. The relative said that no one had the heart to stop her.

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The relatives informed that the woman has not eaten anything since the incident. “She doesn’t say anything, but her eyes say it all,” the relatives were quoted as saying.


‘Two men appeared with sticks and stones’

The journalist reported that the woman was staying at a family friend’s home in Lahore. Since she had traveled the road she took that day frequently, she found the road safe. However, when she ran out of petrol, she immediately called the motorway police for help.

The police gave her a local number where she was told to call for help. She called that number and gave them the location too. She then waited for help The woman informed that since she was aware of her situation she locked the doors and windows of her car. According to the woman, she waited for an hour for help to arrive.

As per the journalist’s claims, out of nowhere two men appeared with sticks and stones and started threatening her. The woman screamed, but could not move her car. The men then smashed the window of her car with stones and sticks.

The men, after dragging them out of the car, physically assaulted them. The criminals then grabbed the children and ran away. The woman ran after them to save her children. The motorway police finally reached and found her car with blood and smashed windows.


‘Women was badly bruised, children could not talk for hours’

“They then informed the local police. The woman was badly bruised, swollen feet and bleeding head and so were the children. The family who went to retrieve them from the police station said they were all muddy and completely terrorized. They did not talk for hours. The children were numb,” wrote the journalist.

“The children could not talk for hours They kept crying. She was inconsolable. The family tried their best to put them to sleep. There were deserts lingering in the children’s eyes.” said a family member. “I had seen kids laughing only hours ago, now they were like ghosts,” the family member added.


“As they were being dragged to the wilderness, she said she still tried to console her children by assuring them she was alright, at which, one of the men hit her head with the gun. She was reciting duas and making her kids do the same. The kids were also reciting prayers,” wrote the journalist.

While the family was being dragged like sacrificial animals to the altar, the attackers dropped the bag they had stolen from her. The bag had her gold bracelet worth Rs500,000, some cash, and other valuables. The monsters held her on gunpoint as they went looking for a bag, the journalist said.

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The journalist says the woman would not be surprised if they had been tipped off. They were absolutely sure of what they planned to do. Her cell had fallen down under her seat. They never asked for it. The phone was found later from under her car seat. Her friends and relatives say she refused to recognize them when they reached the spot of the location.