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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistani Millennials receive medals from Queen of England for exceptional leadership potential

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Three exceptional Millennial’s from Pakistan make the world proud for delivering outstanding service to community.

Khan is the only leader, blatantly demanding far reaching education reforms.

Uk’s Queen Elizabeth II has presented Pakistani youth with medals in recognition of their outstanding social initiatives benefiting global community. The three youngsters all between 18 and 29, got to meet the celebrity royals, Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle.

Football star, David Bekham, his wife and ex Prime Minister, John Major were among the dignitaries attending the event.

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Haroon Yasin, Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi, and Mahnoor Syed received Queen’s Young Leader Awards on Tuesday at a festive ceremony held at the Buckingham Palace. The young and upcoming stars have made Pakistan proud. Their focus has been on youth development and education, two areas widely ignored by the government in Pakistan.

The Queens young leader award is awarded to individuals, aged between 18-29 years from Commonwealth nations for their exceptional service to community through innovative and effective social initiatives. The award was established via the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, Comic Relief and the Royal Commonwealth Society in 2014.

Mahnoor Syeda had initiated ‘Spread the Word’ when she partnered with seven schools to hold extra-curricular activities for students on issues like child abuse, anger, and mental and physical health. The organization works in a multitude of ways; through food drives, clothes drives, book drives, an assortment of sessions with unprivileged children and essentially, articles discussing social issues. They work in collaboration with The Patronage Foundation, Azaad Pakistan and Nadir Dast-e-Shafqat. Mahnoor also made efforts for emancipation of the marginalized transgender community as she raised funds for their vocational training.

Haroon Yasin founded Orenda aiming to revolutionize education for underprivileged, out of school children over the internet. Employing the distance learning model, he believes in a personalized, adaptive, and captivating learning experience.

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Zaidi uses art to help educate young people, who do not have resources, in Pakistan. His creation, Discovering New Artists (DNA), provides free art training, primary and secondary education to students who cannot afford school fees.

There is a need to acknowledge such initiatives within Pakistan at the state level, so youngster feel encouraged to pursue social projects and come up with solutions to our social problems. Perhaps we as a nation are failing to cultivate and harvest our youth’s potential. Khan is the only leader, blatantly demanding far reaching education reforms. Perhaps the interim government could begin by inviting these three amazing youngsters to Pakistan and acknowledging their achievements.