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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Pakistani MMA fighters bag 3 medals at Kyrgyzstan

Three Pakistani MMA fighters made the nation proud this month by bagging three medals. gold, silver and bronze at an event organised in Kyrgyzstan.

Pakistan’s athletes made the country proud by bagging three medals at the debutant Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship 2021, organised in Kyrgystan. Pakistani Mixed Martial Arts Athletes team embarked on this journey for the first time. Due to lack of funds, only 6 members could participate in the event as a token of respect towards the event.

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Shahzaib Khan won gold, Liaqat Ali bagged silver medal and Allah Gul Afridi got a bronze medal in Asian Championship-2021 in Kyrgyzstan and made the country proud. Mixed Martial Arts Athletes were selected from different cities of Pakistan including Allah Gul Afridi (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), Liaquat Ali from Balochistan, Asim Khan, Shayan Amin and Shahazeb Khan from Sindh. Shariq Ali was manager-cum-coach of the squad.K

The Pakistani players took full advantage of this opportunity and made the mark to get all three medals. The President Pakistan Mixed Martial Arts Federation (PMMAF) Zulfiqar Ali has extended his congratulations to players who made the nation proud in the Asian Championship.

Zulfiqar Ali said that PMMAF would continue working towards success and would try its best to produce maximum participation in all upcoming events. The World MMA Championship 2021 is expected to be held in December this year, he informed. Pakistan’s MMA community has appreciated the victors with warm greetings and well wishes for the sport to advance further.

The Asian Mixed Martial Arts Championship started in Kyrgyzstan on August 24 and concluded on Saturday (August 28). 

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Lack of funds: the tragedy of Pakistan’s sports community

Pakistan’s athletes had previously showcased their will and love for sports at the Tokyo Olympics. Despite the hardships faced at home, many Pakistani Olympians broke the ceiling and entered finals and semi-finals. Arshad Nadeem won the hearts of his nation by a record-breaking entrance in the men’s javelin throw contest. Talha Talib took the nation by a tear-jerking surprise with his fifth position at the Men’s weightlifting championship.

Many people who devote their lives to sports come from humble beginnings and unfortunately are unable to unleash their full potential due to the rampant state of corruption and lack of proper attention to sports as a career in the country.

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Often age-old Olympians are found coaching schools with meagre fees and barely any respect. During the peak of events and media hype, the government highlights their wins but does not take further steps to help the athletes uplift themselves.

The International community saw the vigour of Pakistani athletes at the Olympics, even the Indian counterparts acknowledged and respected their passion.


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