Pakistani Muslim girl struggling COVID crisis gets Cambridge scholarship

18 years old Pakistani Muslim girl Sara Rehman who lost her loved ones to the Covid-19 pandemic, wins the opportunity to study medicine at Cambridge.

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Pakistani Muslim girl Sara Rehman was awarded a scholarship to study medicine at Cambridge University as she was the only carer for her father and younger sister. Her mother also remained in Pakistan due to health issues. She lost many of her family members due to COVID-19. The scholarship will help her pursue her dreams in difficult times along with her classmate Chelsea Bacon.

Both Chelsea and Sara Rehman lost their close family members due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Chelsea lost her mother and while Sara separated from her mother who remained in Pakistan due to health constraints. Yet, in these testing times, their academic aspirations remained strong as they fought against all odds to secure their bright and professional careers.

Chelsea due to her mother’s illness and finally her death had to take a break from her A-level studies. Sara, on the other hand, had to take care of her father and sister as her mother couldn’t travel to them. Finally, the tables turned as Sara won the Frederica Lord Scholarship and Chelsea the GDST one. Both girls envision this achievement as a game-changer for their respective careers


Happy days for Sara and Chelsea

Sara and Chelsea have made their school, Sheffield High School proud as they secured marvelous grades in their A-level programs. Sara got 4 A* in the University of Cambridge Advanced Level Examinations which secured her a place in Cambridge to study medicine.

Sara yearned for the scholarship to support her financially during her academic year at the university. She won the Frederica Lord Scholarship which was awarded to students at Girls’ Day School Trust Member schools. This golden opportunity can help her to travel and take part in social activities and sports and grow professionally at Cambridge. At an age of 16, Sara joined the independent school and was the founder member of its Medical Society.

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Sara expressed her joy in these words “I was delighted to hear I was nominated for the Frederica Lord Scholarship this year and even more delighted upon receiving it! Sheffield Girls’ was very supportive throughout the process and I would like to thank both my head of year Dr. Jane McGregor and the head of careers Carole Hall for helping me make the application.

She added; “I am excited to use the scholarship to explore the social side of Cambridge University and intend to join the Languages Centre, debating and cycling clubs and the Medical Society – all great passions of mine” and this reflects her great ambitions.

Chelsea Bacon, her 18-year-old classmate, secured a GDST scholarship which will assist her financially as she finishes a business management course at Newcastle University. Chelsea lost her mother during her A-level studies at high school and took a leaf as a result. She joined her studies in the sixth form and achieved 2 As and 1 A* in her A-level program. The scholarship competition was tough as two girls competed among 24 other girls’ schools to win a scholarship.

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Chelsea expressed her gratitude and glee by commenting; “I will be studying at the University of Newcastle. Without the support of the school, I do not think I would be where I am today as I’ve had a difficult few years. The careers service has also been invaluable in helping me to decide on my next steps in the future and in supporting me to apply for scholarships to make my time at university less worrying in a financial sense.”