Pakistani passport fourth worst in the world, but better than Afghanistan, Syria

The index assessed how many countries a passport-holder of any country can visit without a visa. Pakistan secured the 107th spot on the list.

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According to Henley Passport Index, the Pakistani passport is the fourth weakest passport in the world, only better than Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

The index assessed how many countries a passport-holder of any country can visit without a visa. It also gathered information from International Air Transport Association. The index does not count the pandemic-related temporary travel restrictions.

Pakistan secured the 107th spot on the list. Japanese passport came on top with access to 193 countries and Singapore coming second in the list with access to 192 countries. Both Germany and South Korea shared the third spot in the list with having access to 191 destinations.

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Myanmar got 94th spot on the list with access to 47 destinations. India and Bangladesh stood at 84th and 100th spots respectively in the list.

Meanwhile, UAE and China improved rankings in the list. While China jumped from 90th spot to 68th, UAE made a huge leap from 65th to 15th spot in the list.


Whereas, countries from European Union grabbed the top 10 positions in the list. Interestingly, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, and New Zealand dropped down to seven places together in the list.

Countries including Italy, France, Luxembourg, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Malta, Greece, and Norway took up top positions in the list.

While Pakistan secured grim figures in the list, it has accessed some remarkable accolades on the military front.

Pakistan’s army became the 10th most powerful army in the world according to the Global Firepower Index 2021 released in January.

Pakistan has improved 5 places in the same list since 2019. In 2020, Pakistan stood as the 15th most powerful country. Global Firepower Index is an annual ranking that ranks a country according to its military strength.

In the current list, Pakistan stands at the 10th spot out of 138 countries. It holds a PwrIndx* rating of 0.2083 (0.0000 considered ‘perfect’).

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Pakistan Army was ranked the 15th most powerful military in the world, according to the same list issued in 2019.

The Global Firepower ranks the military forces of 138 countries by comparing and examining a wide range of factors and not just the numbers of soldiers or weapons deployed by a country.



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