Imran Khan accuses India of backing Daesh

Imran Khan blames New Delhi for fomenting sectarianism in Pakistan

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused India of backing the Daesh/ISIS terror group to foment sectarianism in the country.

Referring to Daesh-claimed killings of 11 Shia miners in southwestern Balochistan last week, Khan said: “This is the unanimous opinion of our government and our security agencies that India is backing ISIS.”

Speaking to digital media influencers Sunday in the capital Islamabad, he charged New Delhi with inflaming the Shia-Sunni divide in Pakistan.

“The objective of the Narendra Modi government is to inflame sectarianism in Pakistan by having Shia and Sunni scholars killed. But our security agencies timely preempted the plans, and arrested many terrorists,” he said, particularly referring to the killing of Sunni scholar Maulana Adil Khan in port city of Karachi last year.

Many religious scholars have been killed in Pakistan in the recent past.

Khan said terrorists managed to target the Shia Hazara community by taking advantage of sparse population and remote nature of the area.

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“Unfortunately, several [militant] groups emerged following the ouster of Soviet troops in 1989. These groups have inflicted a huge damage on us,” he said. “These sectarian groups have [now] morphed into Daesh.”

Dossier on Indian support to terrorist outfits

Qureshi, Pakistan’s FM, accused Narendra Modi government of using terror outfits to create political unrest and destabilisation across Pakistan.

Foreign Minister, repeatedly mentioned Baluchistan, Karachi, erstwhile FATA (now KP), AJK and GB. He and later DG ISPR said that they have irrefutable intelligence collected information of Indian plans to create terror attacks in the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar and that there were plans to target political rallies across GB during the current elections. Elections in GB are being held on Nov 15. According to DG ISPR, all key political leaders were briefed on the Indian plans and security was reinforced to maximum levels.

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Joint presser gave facts and information that must have been collected over several months if not years. Much relevant information was about Karachi and how MQM under Alftaf Hussain kept receiving funding from the Indian intelligence agency, RAW. Presser pointed out that intelligence work is difficult and not every transaction can be traced. However it referred to financial transactions about which solid evidence now exists about amounts, routes and dates. For instance MQM Altaf Hussain was being financed, at one point, through two Indian companies (JVGT and Paras Jewellery) via Britain and received at least US $3.23 million through this route alone. (more than £ 2.45 million, sterlings)

Anadolu with additional input by GVS News Desk