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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Pakistani Restaurant in New York takes social media by storm

Pakistani restaurant "Clay Handi" has gone viral for its truck art. The owner, Murshid Masood Qazi, a Pakistani-American built a car representing Pakistan's famous truck art culture, depicting the beautiful floral design, with beautiful messages in Punjabi/Urdu.

A Pakistani businessman in New York has taken the internet by storm via his art. Restaurant owner Murshid Masood Qazi, a Pakistani-American from the Northern Punjab’s district of Chakwal decided to prepare a car depicting Pakistan’s truck art.

This is displayed on a truck outside his restaurant named Clay Handi in Buffalo, New York. A picture of a parked artistic truck outside his restaurant has gone viral.

The truck features a beautiful Pakistani native floral design alongside peacock feathers and a restaurant advertisement in the front.

The art also features messages on all three sides of the car in Punjabi/urdu language. The message on the right side of the truck reads, “Mujhay wazan ki parwa nahin, mujai dollar ki tallash hai”, meaning, “I don’t care about the bodyweight, I yearn for dollars”.

On the left-hand side it reads, “Papoo yaar, Sawari Labbay na labbay, speed aik so nabbay”, which is transliterated to, “Dear Pappoo, whether one finds transport or not, speed should be 190.”

On the rear side of the vehicle, it again depicts a very famous slang used in the Punjabi Language.

The restaurant posted the pictures of the truck on its Facebook account as well, with the caption, “Beautiful Pakistani Cultural Art at Clayhandi Restaurant Buffalo New York!!! Depicts pure beauty, passion about cultural love.
We at ClayHandi restaurant are committed to serving our customers pure, healthy, and tasty Pakistani food. Do visit us and find Beauty and love inside.”

Pakistan’s truck art and Public Diplomacy

Pakistani truck art, while a normal thing for its own citizen, is quite different for foreign people. Truck art has always been seen differently by the world, but ever since the foreign tourism in the country has gone up, and the governments are focusing on changing the narratives of the people from a ‘terrorism-ridden country’ to a place with cultural diversity and natural beauty.

This public diplomacy has led to trucks being very famous globally, and hence its uniqueness and beauty were recognized back home as well. The governments have since then been using it to attract tourism, and showcase Pakistani culture.

This tweet by Foreign Minister’s Public Diplomacy wing shows “A view of #Islamabad from the Foreign Office rooftop this afternoon, painted in the traditional truck art style of Pakistan by the globally renowned artisans at Phool Patti”


The origin of Pakistani truck art can be traced back to the 1920s when Bedford trucks imported from the UK took to the streets of the country. They are equipped with large wooden arches above the truck bed. The entire cockpit is also equipped with decorative arches, called crowns, with decorative bumpers and wood panels.

In the late 1940s, when trucks began to deliver long-distance freight, each company designed a logo so that illiterate people could know who the truck owner was.

Recently, Pakistani truck art-hand-painted floral patterns, poems, and even cartoons of popular characters in trucks, buses and long-distance tuk-tuks has become more and more popular in Western countries.

When anyone talks about Truck art in Pakistan, Mr. Haider Ali is the renowned name. Painter Haider Ali has earned a reputation for himself and his country in all corners of the world, and he has been teaching truck painting in a garage in Guillemar for the past three decades.

Ali was born to express himself with his tenderness and generosity. He is a true patron of art and hopes to encourage emerging artists to embrace this genre and ensure its survival.

Ali’s patterns and paintings have been exhibited in art museums around the world. His students are all over the world and have exhibited his work in more than 40 states in the United States (USA), Canada, Brazil, Germany, France, Bulgaria, India, and many other European countries, a website blog read.

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Similarly, Phool Patti is another most prominent company for Truck Art for Purpose. Mr. Mumtaz, as a director of Phool Patti and a master truck artist, brings unique value-added to the company.

Phool Patti is a social enterprise that aims to promote the colorful and positive influence of Pakistan in the world. By describing our truck art culture, Phool Patti believes that they can not only represent the bright side of Pakistan but also help improve the condition and living standards of truck artists.