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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Pakistani Twitter trolls Ansar Abbasi for objecting to PTV women fitness video

Senior journalist Ansar Abbasi had voiced his disapproval over a PTV video that showed a woman exercising alongside a man in a morning show. The journalist said that he believed the content was objectionable and against the moral values of Islam. Social media users were having none of it.

Pakistan’s social media users reacted strongly on Monday after Islamabad-based journalist Ansar Abbasi objected to the telecast of an exercise routine in a morning show on the state-run Pakistan Television (PTV).

Senior journalist Abbasi posted a video on his Twitter profile that showed a woman exercising alongside a man in a morning show aired by PTV. The male trainer was instructing the woman in the video. The journalist wrote: “Mr PM @ImranKhanPTI this is PTV. @AsimSBajwa @shiblifaraz.”

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Abbasi tagged the government officials over the apparent lack of moral standards in the media, insinuating that such shows violate decency and the standards set for men and women as per Islamic rules. Abbasi is well-known for his conservative commentary on social media.

Abbasi works up a social media storm

The tweet set off an interesting debate on the social networking platform. Some internet users disapproved of his comments while others supported him. A few also discussed the implications of airing the content on national television.

Many people disagreed with Abbasi and asserted that there was nothing objectionable in the program since the show was aimed at making people learn exercises to stay fit and healthy. An internet user stated that such programs were beneficial for people who could not go to fitness centers for exercises amid busy schedules.

Abbasi replied to the Chaudhry and said: “You are part of a government which claims to be rebuilding Pakistan in line with the principles of Riyasat e Madina. Can you justify what you and your likes support in the light of the teachings of Quran and Sunnah or even the Constitution of Pakistan??”

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Abbasi also confronted another popular news anchor, Rabia Anum, on Twitter. Anum had written: “Yes IK please see that only the Woman is working out and the man is not, it’s unhealthy. They both should work out.”

Abbasi, in his reply to Anum, commented: “I don’t want 2 respond to the troll. You have been doing Islamic shows &thus expect from u to enlighten ur followers about what Allah Almighty says in Quran. To be precise perhaps it’s Ayat 31 of Sura e Noor. Can v still justify promoting this on national TV of an Islamic country?”

Abbasi, in his remarks over the matter this morning, later said that he was not affected by the relentless trolling on social media and stood by the principles of Islam.

“If the entire world turns against me for opposing anything that is un-Islamic in our society, It will not bother me even for a moment. Instead, I am thankful to my Allah for enabling me to do this and take pride in it Alhamdulillah. May Allah give Hidaya to all of us. Ameen” wrote Abbasi in a tweet.