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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Pakistani Woman who Ran to India Chants “Pakistan Murdabad” in Viral Video

Seema Haider finds herself once again facing criticism from both Indians and Pakistanis, as she makes fervent attempts to secure acceptance in her new country by openly expressing her disloyalty towards Pakistan.

A captivating video is circulating on social media, showcasing Seema Haider, a Pakistani national, chanting “Pakistan murdabad (Down with Pakistan),” openly expressing her disloyalty to her motherland.

The video has garnered significant attention by both Indian and Pakistani audience. The video was shared by Ashutosh Dubey, the Head of BJP Maharashtra Social Media, through his official X (formerly Twitter) account. The ensuing reactions from netizens have been diverse, reflecting the complexity of the situation.

Seema Haider, a married woman with four kids, left Pakistan to join her Indian lover after an affair of two years. Seema’s lover, Sachin Meena is eight years younger than her.

Seema Haider’s husband, Haider, requested her to come back with the kids but she said that she is not an Indian and wants nothing to do with Pakistan.

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Seema Haider also changed her religion to accept Hinduism.

During the video capturing her vehement expression, Seema Haider not only chants “Pakistan murdabad” but also jubilantly shouts “Hindustan zindabad (Hail India),” juxtaposing her loyalty to two nations. Notably, she maintains a smile throughout, an intriguing display of resilience and conviction in her actions.

In a separate video, which has also gone viral on social media platforms, Seema Haider demonstrates her allegiance to India. On August 13, just before Independence Day, she takes a fervently patriotic stance by hoisting the tricolour flag and exclaiming “Bharat Mata ki Jai (Hail Mother India).”

In a persistent quest for acceptance among the Indian populace, she continues to encounter repeated rejections. In her ongoing effort to garner favor, Seema finds herself confronted with a challenge: the initial skepticism harbored by many Indians regarding her presence in the country, fueled by suspicions of her alleged affiliation as a Pakistani spy.

The landscape of public opinion has since evolved, leading to a new wave of reactions in response to the video. Within this emerging context, sentiments of discontent have surfaced among Indians, branding her as a disloyal threat, incapable of upholding fidelity even to her country of origin. The video has acted as a catalyst, igniting discussions about her allegiance and prompting discussions on the perceived inconsistency of her loyalties.