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Friday, April 19, 2024

Pakistanis call for another Khan jalsa outside White House

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Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan attracted 30,000 US based Pakistanis on Sunday. Khan rocked Washington DC as his US supporters flooded the Capital One Arena to welcome the PM. Khan’s supporters are now planning to gather outside the White House while the PM meets with the US President, Donald Trump.

Supporters took to twitter to announce their plans for standing in unity outside the White House as a show of unwavering support for their Prime Minister.


Imran Khan’s Washington address is an unprecedented event, never before has any Pakistani leader managed to attract this big of a crowd and that too in a foreign land.

PM Khan was showered with praises during his address and on social media. Pakistanis boasted on how “the Captain managed to turn Washington into Lahore”.

It seems clear that Imran Khan’s visit, along with top Pakistan Military officials has reignited hope and love in the hearts of Pakistanis both in Pakistan and abroad.

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The united front maintained by the military and civil establishment has reassured the people that Pakistan’s government is moving from a chaotic state to a more cohesive and cooperative one, working together towards the same goal: reforming Pakistan and making it the safe-haven that the founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah dreamed of.

Trump and Khan meeting

Trump, a real estate tycoon turned reality TV star, and PM Imran Khan, the World Cup-winning captain of Pakistan cricket team, both came to office after achieving fame away from politics and the personal chemistry between the two may be decisive.

“A lot will depend on the kind of mood that President Trump and indeed Prime Minister Imran Khan find themselves in”, Farzana Sheikh, an associate fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London told reporters. “Neither of them is known to be particularly predictable.”

The premier is expected to attend two sessions during his maiden visit to the White House since assuming office: a small group meeting and an extended meeting. The first meeting will be in the Oval Office and the second in the cabinet room.