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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pakistanis find Donald Trump’s doppelganger selling kulfi

Affected by albinism, locals believe the man bears striking resemblance to Donald Trump. In addition, his soulful singing voice has garnered immense praise from social media users.

Netizens have spotted a doppelganger of former US President Donald Trump selling Kulfi in Pakistan. The video of the man selling kulfi has won the hearts of people on social media.

The man in his mid-40s belongs to Sahiwal in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Affected by albinism, locals believe he bears striking resemblance to Donald Trump. He sells his kulfi ice cream while belting out songs loudly. His fans believe he should enter the singing industry soon since he has got powerful vocals.

Fan Imran Malik said: ‘His voice is soulful – he’s an artist.

‘He seems to fascinate everyone on the streets not because of selling ice cream but because of his incredible singing.

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‘This man should have been rocking the stage rather than selling ice cream.’

Another local named Azam Khan, agreed, saying: ‘He has set an example for all of us – this is how you do good to others by working dedicatedly.’

Other social media users expressed concerns about his health condition since selling ice cream under the scorching sun might affect his health.

His video has gained immense traction on social media. The man is even making waves in the international media. A score of western media outlets has covered him. The man sings in Urdu the ingredients of his ice cream to woo people towards his stand at a time when entire Pakistan is gripped with intense heat and high temperatures.

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Meanwhile, a score of internet users has likened Pakistani politician Aftab Khan Sherpao to Donald Trump. A Twitter user once shared the pictures of both the politicians and said that they both seem like ‘missing brothers’ of each other. Internet widely shared their pictures back in 2017 when Donald Trump came to power in the USA.