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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Pakistanis’ most demanded skills by American companies

It is worth noting that Pakistan’s IT and software skills are entering into good books of American companies

Pakistani youth is full of potential but lacks opportunities to get their skills cashed. Trend of freelancing has emerged especially after the global pandemic hit. People started to sell their skills through different freelance platforms and improved their living. Since the skills of Pakistanis became known to the world, United States (US) based companies are looking to improve their software development skills, and they are turning to Pakistan to do so.

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Software development is a broad and creative field that is in demand all over the world. The benefits of becoming a software engineer or a software developer are evident, and career as a Software Developer allows you to earn a good living while learning about cutting-edge technology.

During an interview with a private newspaper, Jonathan Siddharth CEO of California-based IT company Turing said, “Pakistan is gradually becoming the most preferred choice of American companies for software developers.”

“Seeing the rich developer talent Pakistan houses, we are actively looking for software engineers to provide them with a community where they can scale their careers by accessing remote job opportunities with leading firms in the US,” he added.

Turing, for those who are unfamiliar, enables businesses to hire software developers from all over the world. It connects software developers with long-term jobs and places them with top US companies. Developers can negotiate their pay, and Turing charges a premium for its services.

The CEO appreciated that Pakistan has also witnessed impressive growth in its IT industry in the past couple of years, producing some of the best software engineers in the region.

Considering great potential in the South Asian market, the company announced last month that it is shifting its focus to Pakistan. It was previously operational in Pakistan, but it is now actively seeking software engineers in the country.

According to Siddharth, “countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are fast emerging as top choices to ramp up software development teams. The tech talent of these countries is a significant asset that can bring endless opportunities in terms of foreign exchange to the national exchequer by exporting their expertise.”

He clearly mentioned, “Pakistani developers are just as competent as developers from any high-tech country. They simply need the right opportunities.”

Since years, South Asian countries have remained strong with respect to software development skills and India as well as Bangladesh have secured good positions in the field. It is worth noting that Pakistan’s IT and software skills are entering into good books of American companies.

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Achievements like of Pakistani data engineer Shafiqa Iqbal should be highlighted who recently got hired by Google through LinkedIn. It is a positive signal for the country to invest its resources and train the youth in this field considering its widening scope.