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Monday, April 15, 2024

Pakistanis share their incredible survival stories of life challenges

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The Pakistani twitter space is abuzz with some intriguing survival stories shared by netizens after the trend started by Kinza became a top trend on social media. From beating deadly disease like cancer to overpowering the mental and physical challenges, people are sharing their stories of struggle and perseverance.

People sharing their survival stories gave a unanimous message of keeping firm faith and standing one’s ground in every downfall. While many shared their survival stories, a group of people expressed warm wishes for them over their perseverance and success.

A Twitter user sharing her heart wrenching stated that she lost her two brothers due to Thalassemia and is also suffering from it but continued to serve the people affected by this disease.

Another girl shared her troubling story of emotional marital abuse.

A man shared his story of how he was cheated and broken by the people he loved the most. He stated, “Heartbroken by cheating gf, found a small job, earned international awards through hard work, got promoted, betrayed by family, married the girl I wanted by going against my family, maintaining everything with my own money. Tomorrow I’ll post graduate. Im a dreamer & a fighter.”

A prominent journalist Abbas Nasir also took part in the trend and stated, “By age 3 had to learn to walk a 2nd time, with polio affecting back, leg. But lots of support from family, friends; lost parents in teens. Graduated, started work as a journo in a newspaper; then radio, TV, rose to board level in int’l media. Finally made editor where I’d started.”

Another user shared his story of success reaching out from village to working in an organization in Lahore. He stated, “Used to harvest, worked on a tea stole, sell fruits, loaded trucks, slept on the roads of Lahore then got admission in @pu_lhr_official on a sports scholarship, @AmeemHaq picked me from Twitter I’m working for @FlaminkoInc since 2016 studying in Lahore & playing cricket.”



The amazing stories of resilience shared by people on Twitter is giving others readers a lot of courage to battle their life struggles bravely.