Pakistan’s cheapest car company “sorry” for price hike

The customers are questioning the company’s commitment to offering the cheapest sedan in the country. Thus, Changan decided to come forward with the explanation to the increase in price of the vehicles.

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Changan Motors, the company that claims to be the cheapest car manufacturer recently issued an explanation for the recent price hike for its Alsvin. The company said, “We realize that this price bump is unfortunate news for our community,” the statement read. It further said: “We are unconditionally sorry for letting them down and not being able to do any better on this front at this time.”

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The explanation

Giving the details, the car manufacturer said that the reason for the price hike was the shortage of containers due to the ongoing pandemic. This has led to increased shipping fees in addition to other input costs. This led to the company transferring the cost to the consumers.

The company reassured the people with confirmed booking order forms (PBO) that the new prices are not applied to them.

Changan Master Motor said that they are still going to maintain the promised timelines and have opened limited booking for ‘financing customers’ for deliveries to be made in July.

The company said that instead of remaining silent to the criticism, they want to get ahead of the situation and want to make their customers aware of certain developments.

Changan Pakistan Statement


Last week, the newly launched Alsvin by Changan saw an increase in price. According to the notification by the company, the price of Alsvin Comfort DCT soared by Rs. 50,000. The price increased from Rs. 2,399,000 to Rs. 2,449,000.

At the same time, the price of the Lumiere version saw an increase of Rs. 101,000, increasing the price of the premium variant from Rs. 2,549,000 to Rs. 2,650,000.

The price of the base variant, the Comfort Manual, remained the same at Rs. 2,199,000.

The sedan is yet to hit the roads in Pakistan in June-July 2021. However, the prices have already increased beforehand.

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Talking about the pending orders, the company said that the revised prices would not apply to people who ordered vehicles till the 11th of March. The car manufacturer has implemented the new rate from 15th March of 2021.