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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Pakistan’s Consultate General organizes Mango Festival 2022 in Shanghai

A significant number of Chinese companies and business persons attended the event.

As part of the efforts to introduce and promote mango in the region, the Pakistan Consulate General organized a two-day Pakistan Mango Festival in Shanghai, China.

The Consul General participated in the opening ceremony of the event held at Hualong Building Bund, Shanghai and delivered a keynote speech highlighting the importance and potential of exports of Pakistani mango and other fruits to China.

The Mango Festival was jointly organized by Consulate General of Pakistan Shanghai and China-Europe Association for Technical Cooperation (CEATEC) Shanghai and Shanghai Global Economic Development LCC.

A significant number of Chinese companies and business persons attended the event. Besides mangoes, the mango juice and ice-cream were also offered during the event.

On the sidelines of the event, the Mission also organized Pakistan Trade and Investment Conference.

The Consul General gave a presentation on trade and investment opportunities in Pakistan to the participants and encouraged them to explore Pakistani market especially in mango and other fruits and agriculture products which offered great potential for win-win cooperation.

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Imported mangoes need to be sold as soon as possible

To expand the market scale of Pakistani mango in China, the person in charge said that imported mangoes need to be sold as soon as possible, and the price is relatively high, so they are more suitable for sale in large warehouses supermarkets such as Sam’s Club.

Household purchases can effectively increase the sales of mangoes. For retail, Fresh Hema Supermarket also matches the price of Pakistani mangoes.

Regarding the import demand of the Chinese cherry market, the person in charge of the booth stated that China consumes 90% of Chilean cherries. Although the scale of Chilean cherries is growing every year, it is still difficult to meet the needs of Chinese consumers, because the consumer group of Chinese cherries is expanding.

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“Eating cherries has even become the new fashion for third-and fourth-tier cities to celebrate the Spring Festival.” As China actively expands imports, Uzbekistan’s cherries have been exported to China for the first time in 2020. It is expected that Pakistani cherries can also be exported to China as soon as possible.

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