Pakistan’s heaviest man had a successful surgery, then he died

The death occurred during a commotion at Lahore’s Shalamar hospital, a private medical facility.

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A highly obese man, often dubbed Pakistan’s heaviest man died in a hospital during a commotion. The man had had a weight loss surgery about 10 days ago that was described at the time as successful.

The death occurred during a commotion at Lahore’s Shalamar hospital, a private medical facility. The disturbance was caused after a fight broke out between hospital staff and relatives/family members of a recently deceased patient.

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Noor Hassan, a 55 year old man from Lahore was dubbed the heaviest man in Pakistan after news broke that he had been admitted to a hospital for a weight loss procedure. He reportedly weighed a hefty 330 kilograms.

His treatment was made possible after the Pakistan Army announced it would support and facilitate it. He was moved to the hospital where a surgery was carried out on 28 June. The procedure was completed successfully and he was said to be safe from danger. However, he was kept under observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The disturbance ensued after a woman allegedly died during a delivery in the hospital. Her family along with others started a protest in the hospital saying she had died due to negligence from the doctors. As things got out of hand, the staff fled the ICU, leaving Pakistan’s heaviest man alone and unattended.

The staff returned to the ICU as the protest dies down. However, they found that Hassan’s condition had become critical and he was struggling for life. A heart attack was identified as the cause of death.

Hassan’s son said he did not blame the doctors for Hassan’s death as Dr. Muaz who had performed the surgery rued the loss of Pakistan’s heaviest man despite a successful surgery.

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“We should not directly blame anyone,” he said, “but duty staff should have been present there under all circumstances.” Dr Muaz told a newspaper.

Noor Hassan was a taxi driver who had shifted to the hospital on the direction of the Army Chief. The COAS also expressed his grief on Hassan’s demise.