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Friday, July 19, 2024

Pakistan’s Misbah Hamid won Female Engineers MOL Program 2019

NUST student Misbah Hamid made the country proud by winning the Female Engineers MOL Program 2019, organized by the Hungarian oil and gas corporation, MOL Group.

Pakistani engineer, Misbah Hamid, made the nation proud with her achievements at the Female Engineers MOL Program 2019, held in Budapest, Hungary.

Misbah Hamid, alongside two other international engineers, was declared a winner during the grand finale of the Female Engineers MOL Program 2019.

The program has been designed for undergraduate female students in the fields of Petroleum Engineering, Geoscience, Chemistry, PetChem, and other fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. (STEM studies).

Future Female Leaders in Oil & Gas

Misbah Hamid from the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), was one of three students selected from Pakistan to compete in the grand finale of the program, held in Budapest. The other two contestants from Pakistan belonged from the Quaid-e-Azam University and GIKI.

The Program received 120 female constants enrolled in undergraduate STEM programs from 29 universities across 4 different countries. The Pakistani contestants had to compete against two students from Slovakia, and in the finals, they were up against three students from Croatia and Hungary.

Misbah has made the country pride by emerging as an impressive example of what Pakistani women can achieve in STEM studies and the fields of oil and gas

The aim behind the program is to inspire female leaders and aid their journey of emerging as future leaders and innovators in the oil and gas sector. Run by the MOL group, a Hungary-based oil & gas corporation, this program enables students from all the countries that fall within its business realm to take part in the competition.

The pre-selection phase pitted 120 contestants in a challenging competition to enter the final, and only the best 11 candidates made it to the grand finale. In the grand finale, the contestants were given 24 hours to solve a current business challenge faced by the MOL and present it to the jury. Each contestant had to give individual presentations on Gender Diversity.

Misbah Hamid exhibited an outstanding performance on the individual presentation and was grouped with contestants from Slovakia, Croatia, and Hungary. The group was asked to present a comprehensive business strategy to generate new income streams for the MOL Group.

It is important to note that this is the third competition organized by the MOL Group, and female engineers from Pakistan have won each competition consecutively. Earlier, Pakistani contestants Sarah Mujahid and Manhal Mumtaz had won the first two competitions.

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The top three finalists, Misbah Hamid, Croatia’s Iva Lončar, and Slovakia’s Lenka Galčíková were presented with scholarships, the opportunity of taking part in an international oil and gas conference, and the possibility of being employed by the MOL Group.

Misbah has made the country proud by emerging as an impressive example of what Pakistani women can achieve in STEM studies and the fields of oil and gas. The MOL Group congratulated the Pakistani contestant on her win.