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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pakistan’s passport declared fifth-worst in the world

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Pakistan’s passport despite ascending two spots in the fresh Henly Passport Index 2019 remains the fifth-worst passport in the world. Pakistan jumped from 104th spot to 102th in the Index and it just ahead of countries Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq in the Index.

The Henly Passport Index determines the position of the countries in correspondence to the number of destinations their holders can access without a prior visa. The data for Index is partially obtained from the International Air Transport Association that establishes a database of world’s largest travel information and from the ongoing research by Henley & Partners Research Department.

Japan continued to tightly hold its top position in the Henley Index for a second consecutive year. The citizen of Japan can access to record 190 destinations without a prior visa; while Singapore and South Korea are resting together for the second spot in the Index. Their citizens can travel to 189 destinations without holding a prior visa.

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Germany has descended to the third spot from the second spot in the list; the citizens have access to 188 destinations. It shares this position with France. Denmark, Italy, Finland, and Sweden jointly shared the fourth spot in the list and citizens have access to 187 destinations in the world.

Both UK and USA experienced a downfall from their previously held positions and are jointly sharing the sixth spot in the Henly Index.  The UK meanwhile dropped from the fourth spot to the sixth spot, the USA also dropped from the fifth position to the sixth spot. Their citizens, however, enjoy visa-free access to 185 destinations.

Pakistan’s CPEC partner, China has moved five spots up in the ranking from 74th spot to 69th in the Henly Index. On the other hand, Indian passport has grabbed a 79th position in the list, ahead of African countries Ghana and Mozambique.