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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Pakistan’s youngest vlogger Shiraz quits vlogging

To counter social media users' reactions, his father released a detailed video explaining why he quit vlogging. 

Muhammad Shiraz, a young vlogger from Gilgit Baltistan, who amassed a large following on social media, quits vlogging to pursue his studies.

He has 1.58 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Shirazi Village Vlogs. The decision received mixed reactions from users on social media. Some appreciated the decision while others argued he could continue vlogging along with his studies.

To counter social media users’ reactions, his father released a detailed video explaining why he quit vlogging.

He said that exposure to fame had changed the attitude of Shiraz, as he was no longer interacting with his friends and family in the same way he used to do before.

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He said that the purpose of vlogging was the welfare work for the poor in his village. Shiraz’s father said that a lot of facilities are required in his distant village.

He thanked fans for the love and respect shown to his kids. The other thing was the loss of education. Daily vlogging requires a lot of time and attention which diverts his focus from studies. His father said that he wants Shiraz to focus on his studies.

Many social media users commended the vlogger’s father for not forgetting his roots and taking timely action to protect the innocence of his kids. A few days ago, Shiraz uploaded a video in which he shared the decision to quit vlogging with his fans and followers.

Expressing his passion for vlogging, Shiraz said, “I have a great desire to continue vlogging, but today marks my last vlog. What should I do?” He said that many people had advised him to not quit vlogging but he would listen to his parent’s advice.

While sharing the news, Shiraz cried along with his sister Muskan. Shiraz is the youngest vlogger in Pakistan.