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Monday, November 27, 2023

Palestinian girl asks ‘where is Pakistan’ as Israel continues to hit Gaza

As Israel continues to wreak havoc in Gaza, a female Twitter user from Palestine urges the people of Pakistan to come out on the streets and express solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine.

A Palestinian girl has been calling out the people of Pakistan to show full-fledged support for the Palestinian cause against the atrocities of Israeli forces.

A female Twitter user from Palestine had posted the picture from the pro-Palestine protest in the UK. In the captions, she wrote, “My name is Suha. I want every friend in Pakistan to raise a voice for Palestine. Where is Pakistan?”

In her tweet, she urged the people of Pakistan to come out on the streets and express solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine.

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Following her tweet, several social media users posted pictures of the Pakistani flag being waved in the protest in London in a bid to show their presence. Other Pakistani social media users sent out messages of solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemned Israel for unleashing the deadliest airstrikes on the civilian and unarmed population in Gaza.



Meanwhile, Pakistani social media is brimmed with trends extending support to the Palestinian cause. Pakistani journalists, activists, civil society, and government officials have been condemning the recent wave of airstrikes in Gaza that has claimed the lives of hundreds of Palestinians including a large number of children. Thousands have been left critically injured with crucial building including media houses and road leading to a major hospital has been hit with missiles.

The Pakistani government has been actively fighting for the freedom of Palestine on international forums. Pakistan has been extending unflinching support to the Palestinian cause.

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Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi at a virtually held emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) Executive Committee aimed to discuss the continuing barbarism by the Israeli security forces on innocent, unarmed Palestinians called Israel out for its “continuing airstrikes in Gaza that have resulted in deaths and injuries to so many innocent Palestinians.”

Foreign Minister Qureshi chose to speak plainly and frankly, not mincing any words, and condemned in the strongest possible terms the systemic and barbaric crimes perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians.