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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

‘Parchi’ most successful Pakistani film of the winter season

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Hareem Farooq’s latest film ‘Parchi’ collected huge profits at the box office in the first week of its release.

Though ‘Parchi’ received mix reviews from critics its collection of Rs. 30 million in the first three opening days indicates that audiences liked the movie.

‘Parchi’ was released on January 5th, 2018. At the first opening day on Friday, the movie earned profits of 90 lacs and 1.1cr on Saturday followed by 90 lacs on Sunday, reaching a total of 2.9cr by the end of its opening weekend. If we include the amount it collected on Monday, 40lacs, then Parchi has earned 3.3cr so far.

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According to the sources from the box office: “Parchi has lived up to expectations as numbers reached 2.9cr approximately in its opening weekend. The film opened on a very good note on Friday, followed by solid growth on Saturday while it held well on Sunday with numbers almost similar to Friday. Places, where figures fell on Sunday, had opened stronger on Friday.”

The team expects the movie will touch the figures of Rs. 375 to Rs. 500 million in the next few days. 

The movie received a warm welcome in Islamabad and Rawalpindi as compared to other cities.

Surprisingly it performed better than other winter releases namely Rangreza, Arth – The Destination and Chupan Chupai. 

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Various cinema owners in Karachi and Lahore admitted the fact that ‘Parchi’ was well received by audiences in cinemas.

However, profit collection will decline on weekdays. Meanwhile, many cinemas reported that there was a drop of 20 to 30% on Monday since it was the first working day after vacations.

However, they all unanimously believe that producers and directors should not rush to produce movies by compromising its content.

Instead, they should allow the industry to grow organically as everyone is at a learning stage.