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Pashtun street child wins heart by his humane act

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A video of a young Pashtun street child from Quetta is melting the hearts of the people on the internet. The video shows a young Pashtun child saying to a man that he skipped his lunch and bought the milk to feed the stray cat from his lunch money.

The video was originally captioned by the user as Meet My Hero, a little poor #Pashtun boy who earns his living through collecting trashed paper & metal, he bought milk for this little kitten instead of buying lunch for himself this boy is mightier than millions of other Humans #Respect #Salute.

The video soon went viral on social media and netizens are sending out immense love to the child for his innocent expression of love. Amongst the people praising the child is the popular writer Fatima Bhutto who also shared the video of the child on her Twitter account.

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Fatima Bhutto while sharing the video captioned it “The mightiest and the kindest. A thousand salutes.”

The netizens on social media have praised the boy for showing humanity to a stray cat and giving an important lesson to the adults around him.

One user said that “if proper education & good atmosphere gives to these types of kid they will be an asset of Humanity. I hope he will local administration will provide him scope.”

Another user demanded the authorities’ enrol him in school and provide him with education. “Don’t give him salute nor respect. Give him books, copies, pencils and school’s fees All children are deserved that,” commented a user on the video.

“Looking at selfless love thru the eyes of a child. May God bless the child and shower him with a comfortable & loving life without getting influenced by this corrupt world”, a user expressed a loving message for the child.


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