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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Peace wins: World lauds PM Khan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday while addressing the parliament announced that arrested Indian Air Force soldier will be released tomorrow as a goodwill gesture. IAF pilot, Wing Commander Abhi Nandan was taken into custody yesterday as Pakistan Arm Force aircraft shot down IAF jet for violating Pakistan’s airspace.

Ever since the tension between two rivalry states escalated, Pakistan leadership has been advocating for the peace and dialogue to move forward. PM Khan and DG ISPR both in their addresses to the nation said that Pakistan has the capability, will, and resolve to fight a war; it has demonstrated by first successfully entering into Indian airspace and dropping bomb–without causing any human life lost– and then shooting down Indian jet and capturing their pilot. But we are peace loving nation and will ask PM Modi to not worsen the situation for his political agendas.

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Today again, as a good-will gesture of peace-loving Pakistan, PM Khan announced releasing captured Indian pilot; the act that people across borders lauded and greeted.