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Friday, April 12, 2024

PEMRA calls out drama serials for ‘bold’ content, Osman Khalid Butt unhappy

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The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has called out the Pakistani drama serials for producing ‘indecent’, vulgar and bold content. In the latest notification issued on Monday, September 3rd, the regulatory body has asked the producers to refrain from inculcating the themes not reflective of our culture.

The notification added that indecent scenes, dialogues, extramarital relations, violence, and exploitation are glamorized in serials that disregard the ethical values of our society. They have stated that the alien/foreign culture has overtaken the Pakistani drama industry that is deteriorating the quality of the work established in the last few years.

“However, over the time, it has been observed that the quality of Pakistani dramas is deteriorating every day,” the notice read. “Themes of Pakistani dramas are quite bold and not reflective of the majority of Pakistani society. Unnecessary glamour, bold scenes are being shown in the drama, ignoring religious, social, cultural and ethical values of the country.”

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The notice further said, “PEMRA is receiving numerous complaints from the general public. Viewers are of the opinion that dramas are not depicting the true picture of Pakistani society. Indecent scenes, dialogues, extramarital relations, violence and exploitation are being glamourized, ignoring ethical bindings of Pakistani society as well as PEMRA laws.”

Directing the TV channels, PEMRA said, “The TV channels are required to endure their corporate social responsibility and produce such content that is strictly in line with the Pakistani culture, standards of decency and PEMRA laws,”

People, however, expressed mixed responses on social media. Many of the people negated the notification while others endorsed PEMRA’s concerns. Actor and celebrity Osman Khalid Butt seemed disgruntled on the notification and openly objected to the regulatory body’s stance.

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In his tweet, he remarked, “What, pray to tell, is the ‘true picture of Pakistani society’?” the Baaghi star tweeted. “Not every drama serial is meant to be watched with the family. Pinky and Babloo can be put to bed before, no? How is television content expected to diversify when we get sweeping generalizations like this.”

“Friendly reminder that this is the same body that tried to ban Udaari because of similar ‘complaints’ from naik Parveen et al. Good television with strong content holds a mirror up to society and is meant to be uncomfortable. If you don’t like what you see, change the channel,” he further added.

Other criticized Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s government for continuing to promote a ‘moral-policing’ and ‘watchdog’ role of PEMRA.