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Thursday, February 15, 2024

PEMRA decides to ban drama serial Jalan over indecent content

PEMRA asserted that it gave repeated warnings to the channel to revise the content of the show which were ignored.

The regulatory authority PEMRA has banned the ongoing drama serial Jalan, being aired on ARY Digital, after numerous complaints regarding it. In the notification issued on 10th September, the regulatory body said that they have received several complaints from the audience regarding the indecent content of the show.

The regulatory body, in its notification, observed that the content of the show is not aligned with the cultural values of our society. The notification commented that the show violates the ethical and moral standards of our society. The drama Jalan features Emmad Irfani, Minal Khan, and Ariba Habib in lead roles. The theme of the show revolves around a love triangle and infidelity.


PEMRA asserted that it gave repeated warnings to the channel to revise the content of the show which were ignored. Hence, due to the inaction of the channel, PEMRA has no decided to ban the show Jalan under Section 27 of the PEMRA Ordinance.

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Earlier, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) had imposed a ban on the repeat telecast of Pakistani dramas Ishqiya and Pyar Ke Sadqay, stating the action was taken due to their content against social and religious values.

According to the notification passed by the regulatory authority, the action was taken under Section 27 of the PEMRA ordinance. The statement further added that several complaints have been received against Jalan, however, any action in this regard will be taken after reviewing its content.

PEMRA said that viewers are criticizing some of the content shown in drama serials. “Viewers are registering their complaints in this regard on the citizens portal and to PEMRA via the authority’s social media accounts and its call center,” the statement read.

PEMRA further stated, “Media houses have been told to review their material and that in the future and irrespective of the costs involved, if a production is found to have content that goes against Pakistani values and fails to fulfill the expectations of the public then it will be restricted without any prior warning.”

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The problematic and troublesome content of the Pakistani dramas is often debated on social media. Internet users noted that there has been a growing pattern of divorces, incidents of cheating, failed relationships, infidelity, and violation of the sanctity of close family relations in the shows.

Many think these shows are damaging the ethical and moral values in society. Also, the repeated storylines of the shows have dimmed the charm of Pakistani dramas to the local audience.