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Thursday, February 15, 2024

World united in condemnation against Peshawar madressa blast

Reactions from across the world poured in on Twitter after a tragic blast hit a religious seminary in northern Peshawar.

Reactions from across the world poured in on Twitter after a tragic blast hit the religious seminary in northern Peshawar, Pakistan, early on Tuesday. The explosion has left eight people dead and more than 50 people injured, mostly children.

While the blast marks the resurgence of terrorism in Pakistan following the months of calm and stability, the country’s senior leadership, including Prime Minister Imran Khan and the international community, has voiced regret and sorrow on the incident.


The videos and images from the blasts sites have been circulating on international and local media since morning.

The ambassador of Turkey to Pakistan, Mustafa Yurkadul, also condemned the cowardly attack on children.

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“Targeting young students is as low as it gets…I strongly condemn the attack on a madrassa in #Peshawar. Patience for the relatives of the lost ones and Prayers for the quick recovery of the wounded,” wrote Yurkadul in his tweet.


Afghani peace activist Shkula Zadran also regretted an attack on the children. International journalists also expressed condolence on Peshawar’s explosion, a second terror attack on children in Peshawar’s educational institute.

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Ambassador of Netherlands to Pakistan, Wouter Plomp, also reacted to the blast. “Very sad to learn about the terrible terrorist attack on children in Peshawar. I express my heartfelt condolences for the victims’ families and wish a speedy and full recovery to the injured. #PeshawarBlast,” he tweeted.


International journalist Diaa Hadid called it a horrible day for Afghanistan and Pakistan. “There’s been a bomb blast in a religious seminary in northern Pakistan. The explosion occurred during a Qur’an class, and officials tell us at least four children are killed, five seriously wounded, and dozens more injured. A horrible day in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” wrote Hadid in a tweet.


“Famous anti #Daesh scholar Rahimullah Haqqani’s madrassa in Peshawar was attacked where dozens of young students were present. Many young kids are feared to have been killed in the blast. Haqqani is known for his criticism of #salafism and Daesh,” wrote Afghani journalist Sangar Paykhar in a tweet.



However, insensitive comments poured in on Indian Twitter following the blast.

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