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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Peshawar National Games: City We Do Not See & City We Need To See

Peshawar National Games intends to promote culture and sports in the game. A constructive outlet for the people of the province who suffered terrorism and destruction for decades.

As Peshawar is gearing up for 33rd National Games at the city’s sports facilities, the pictures of male and female athletes practicing for the competition together are making rounds on social media. The administrator of the event Noorena Shams shared a glimpse of the determined players practicing extensively to win the competition on Twitter.

The event which will commence on 10th November will continue till 16th November in which thousands of players from across KPK will participate in the event. The viral pictures offered a rare representation of the city, which is contrary to the widely-held views about the city, and province specifically. Male and female athletes practicing together in the ground was an unexpected yet delightful sight since gender segregation is rampant in the city along with less inclusion of women in social spheres.

Furthermore, the recent news of the compulsion of burqas and abayas for female students had cemented the perception of regressive cultural practices in the province. Even JUI-F had called for placing restrictions on women to ride a bicycle in the province, causing to cancel the ‘peace rally’ in Peshawar for women.

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The administrator of the games and young squash player Shams aimed for highlighting the progressive and lively side of the Peshawar city. In her tweet, she insisted that there is a need to highlight this peaceful aspect to redress the negative assumptions regarding the city. Peshawar, not only known for strict adherence to fundamental Islamic principles but is also the city at the forefront in war on terrorism.

It is the city, which has received the most and deadliest incidents of bombing and killings. The city has suffered inexplicable damages due to terrorism. Such a threat to the life and security of people for more than two decades barred the cultural activities in the city for more than two decades.


As peace returns the city following the robust operations against terrorism, the city is redirecting towards normalcy and rehabilitation. The resumption of the National Games is one such effort to thrive peace and liveliness in Peshawar.

A total of 27 female and 32 male athletes will participate in the 33rd edition of the National Games to be hosted by K-P after a lapse of eight and a half years with Rs. 170 million allocated by the govt to ensure all facilities to the players during their stay in the provincial capital.

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CM KPK Mahmood Khan has ordered the authorities to bring out the best arrangement to facilitate the sportsmen and athletes participating in the event from across Pakistan.

Thousands of players will be vying for the trophy in 30 different games which will be held in different sports facilities in Peshawar.