Pet dogs maul senior advocate in Karachi’s DHA

Two dog handlers have been taken into custody as pet dogs attacked and injured a senior advocate in Karachi’s DHA.

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A horrifying video of two pet dogs attacking a man in Karachi’s DHA Phase 6 went viral over the internet on Monday.

The CCTV footage shows Mirza Akhtar Ali Advocate walking when the two German shepherds launch an attack on him and tackle him to the ground as he helplessly tries to fight them off. One of the handlers tries to rescue the man but to no avail. As the dogs keep mauling the man, the handler runs and brings back another man for help who was most likely his workmate to free the victim from the clutches of the ferocious animals.

However, once they realized that they would not be successful in controlling the dogs, they flee the scene, leaving the struggling man at the dog’s mercy.

The victim Mirza Akhter Ali, though injured, is out of danger, and has filed an attempted murder FIR in the case. He had to undergo a four-hour surgery as his arms and ribs were badly damaged in the terrifying incident.

The gruesome incident was widely condemned on the internet as soon as the video went viral.

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According to lawyer and activist Jibran Nasir, dogs are adopted and not bought. “It has needs and when you adopt it you sign up to fulfil those needs and perform that responsibility,” he tweeted.

Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy claimed that the dogs were known to be dangerous and that neighbours had previously also reported the owners to DHA.

Darakhshan Police has lodged an FIR against the owner of the dogs, Humayun Khan and also arrested the two dog handlers in the case identified as ‘Fahad’ and ‘Ali’.

South SSP (Investigation), Imran Mirza said that the police were making every effort to arrest suspect, Daniyal who has fled while his father, Humayun Khan, has already got bail from a local court.

The police and lawyers said that senior advocate Mirza Akhtar Ali, who is father of advocate Taimur Ali Mirza, was injured on the road. He was walking through DHA where Danyal was standing outside his home along with two pet dogs who attacked the lawyer on June 16.

The officer revealed that they have also incorporated Section 324 pertaining to attempted murder in the FIR apart from other relevant sections.

The Karachi Bar Association which condemned the incident through a resolution said that the senior advocate was left bleeding and severely injured on the road after the attack and neither the owner nor anyone from his household came forward to help or provide any medical assistance.

The same dogs had also attacked others in such a manner, it added.