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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Phone and social media hacking complaints on rise in Punjab

An increase in the hacking of social media accounts and mobile phones has been observed across Punjab in recent months.

More than 2,500 accusations of online hacking have apparently been sent to the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cybercrime Wing from all throughout the province. Sources claim that the allegations are about phone records, websites, and social media being hacked.

Many residents claimed that they had lost millions of rupees as a result of the hackers’ access to the information on their bank accounts.

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Hacking gaining ground in Pakistan

There have also been reports of people having their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts hacked, with offensive statements and inappropriate videos being posted through them after being altered with the aid of their own or stolen software.

The compromised social media accounts were frequently utilized for fraud as well. In several instances, the users hardly ever accessed their accounts and learned of the hacking only after receiving warnings from the FIA to investigate concerns.

Adnan Alam, a cyber security specialist, noted that many people in the nation were unable to set up their own social media profiles in an interview with The Express Tribune. Their family members or acquaintances set up the accounts on their behalf and had access to all the necessary information. Later, these individuals might hijack their accounts and engage in fraud or even blackmail.

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The same people who had created the social media accounts turned revealed to be involved in utilizing them for fraud, according to the FIA’s investigations into several incidents.

The expert said a major reason for the increasing cases of hacking was that people were not aware of the use of modern communication technology while the need for using such tools was on the rise.

Meanwhile, mobile phone and social media hacking through the Israeli spyware Pegasus have caused an alarm all over the world. There have been reports of attempted hacking from India of the devices of the country’s top leaders and officials.