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Monday, July 15, 2024

PIA air hostesses landed in trouble for Tik Tok video

PIA issued strict warning to its staff after air hostesses were found using Tik Tok on duty. PIA issued a warning saying that the staff is not allowed to make videos in official uniform, while on duty.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken strict action against its three hostesses who were found making Tik Tok videos in the official uniform during an international flight. All the three hostesses have been grounded and issued warning over breaching code of conduct during flight operations, asserts PIA administration.

Pakistan International Airline has issued additional instructions placing a ban on the air hostess making videos. The issue surfaced after a video of three PIA hostesses, two females and one male, went viral on social media.


Last week, a PIA air hostess was caught smuggling 380 grams of gold nose pins worth over Rs2 million at the Islamabad airport. She was allowed the board the PIA flight to Birmingham after initial interrogation.

According to PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar, the air hostess asked the customs at check-in, if she could carry the nose pins.

“Once they refused to let her take it with her, she handed it in and proceeded to board the flight,” he said.

In another development, Pakistan International Airlines has approved the transfer of a large number of workers on a daily wage on a contractual basis. The daily-wage workers, working on low salaries have been transferred from Karachi office, in a move anticipated to pressurize the people to leave jobs themselves. They complained that the recent transfer orders will affect the workers who are receiving less than Rs17,000 on daily-wages.

The order implies that the workers in Baggage Attendants and Office Attendants are primarily transferred to other cities without any up gradation in TMS Card, Salary, Pay Group, and any other benefits.

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Earlier, in June Pakistan International Airlines had issued notifications to several officers of transfer to Islamabad. The transfers were ordered in MIS, Security, and Vigilance Departments where many officers were reportedly asked verbally to report to the Islamabad office. The verbal instructions were given to officers of Pay Group-V and above for their transfers.

The spokesperson of the national carrier, however, expressed his lack of knowledge on the series of current transfers.