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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pilot violated the rules which led to PIA plane crash

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has pointed out violation of rules and regulations by the captain of ill fated PIA crashed plane.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) while pointing out violation of rules and regulations by the captain of ill fated PIA crashed plane has said Air Traffic Controller kept on giving directives to the captain regarding landing but the captain did not abide by them.

The plane was on control zone approach point then its altitude was higher than what it should have been and the ATC warned the captain about this. When the plane was at 7 nautical miles its altitude was 5200 feet.

The controller warned the captain the altitude of the plane was very high. Controller directed the captain twice to turn the aircraft left at an angle of 180 degrees so that its height could be controlled.

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The captain was directed to bring the plane to the required altitude for approach but the capital ignored the air control directives. The altitude of the plane was 3,500 feet; the plane came to four nautical 1300 feet while its requisite landing speed was more than 250 knots.

PIA flight 8303 black box found?

The investigation team used latest technical equipments to interrogate the matter through forensic science.  Sources have revealed that the flight data recorder (FDR) will be sent to France for decoding. The cockpit voice recorder (CVR) was recovered from the debris today.  The investigation team had been assigned the task to inspect the affected buildings to recover the CVR and the services of PIA engineering and technical ground force and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Security and Vigilance were acquired as well.

The experts of Airbus company will continue investigation from crash area to runway and collect further evidences from the wreckage. The foreign experts will also be briefed at the Civil Aviation Headquarters and the PIA Head Office. Let it be known that at least 97 were killed and dozens others wounded after a PIA plane crashed with nearly 100 people on board in Karachi on Friday. The PIA plane was close to landing when it came down among houses, sparking an explosion and killing several people on the ground.

The national carrier’s flight PK-8303 took off from Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport and crashed in Model Colony area in Malir, approximately 4 kilometers away from the airport.

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