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Friday, April 12, 2024

Pink Bus Service Promises Safety and Employment opportunities to Women

The Punjab Transport Department has announced a women-only bus service in the province, which will ensure safe and comfortable travel facilities for women. This policy is also focused on creating employment opportunities for women.

The Government of Punjab has announced a new strategy to provide secure and comfortable transport facilities for women, alongside introducing new employment opportunities to women who are able and willing to work in the transport industry.

The Punjab Transport Ministry has announced a decision to launch buses dedicated for women, in order to provide safe and luxurious travelling facilities to working women and female students.

Women-Only Transport

The Punjab Transport Minister, Jahanzeb Khan Khichi said that the department of transport is gearing up to launch buses that would cater only to women, in order to provide convenience to working women and female students.

He added that these buses will be driven by female drivers in order to create employment opportunities as well. Punjab Transport Minister Jahanzeb Khan stressed that social development and progress can only reap success if women are allowed to unrestricted access to all opportunities and advantages.

He said providing facilities to women is important to ensure social development as they constitute more than half of the total population across the country. The Punjab Transport Minister also pledged that the Government of Punjab will refurbish and improve all C-category bus stands.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government launched the ambitious Pink bus project to provide women-only travel facilities.

He added that his department is undertaking the implementation of a policy to establish waiting areas, toilets and provide facilities of safe drinking water at bus stations to facilitate female passengers. He noted that these decisions will be implemented in line with the Government of Punjab’s strategy to improve travel facilities for children and women.

Earlier in 2018, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government launched the ambitious Pink bus project to provide women-only travel facilities. The implementation of this policy continued this year, and more and more cities across the province are being equipped with women-only travel facilities.

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After being successfully launched in multiple cities across the KPK province, including Peshawar and Mardan, the Pink Bus Service has been launched in Abbottabad as well. These pink buses have also opened up job opportunities for women, who will fill up the positions for drivers and conductors.