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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

PM expresses sorrow as Opposition slams govt for Murree tragedy

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his sorrow at the tragedy that occurred in Murree earlier today. On the other hand, according to the Opposition, the loss of life in Murree occurred due to the government's incompetence.

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his sorrow at the tragedy that occurred in Murree earlier today. Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Shahbaz Gill conveyed PM’s message on Twitter.

“PM Khan expresses his sorrow and regrets on the tragedy in Murree due to heavy snow fall & blockades,” Dr. Shahbaz Gill wrote.

“All agencies have been mobilized. Army, 1122, Hazara div(KP) and Pindi div (punjab) resources are mobilized to open up and clear the blocked areas,” he further added.

Shortly after, PM Khan himself took to Twitter and expressed grief at the Murree tragedy. He also ordered an inquiry into the incident.

“Shocked & upset at tragic deaths of tourists on road to Murree. Unprecedented snowfall & rush of ppl proceeding without checking weather conditions caught district admin unprepared. Have ordered inquiry & putting in place strong regulation to ensure prevention of such tragedies,” the PM tweeted.

Earlier today, a harrowing incident occurred in Murree where around 19 tourists froze to death in their vehicles during the snowstorm. 8 members of a family also died in their car. Disturbing videos of the dead persons made the rounds on Twitter as Pakistan mourned over the tragedy.

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The federal government called on five platoons of the Pakistan Army, including the Rangers and Frontier Corps for evacuation. Currently, thousands of tourists are still stranded. Owing to the dire situation, the government temporarily banned entry into Murree. Only vehicles carrying relief goods and warm clothes can go to Murree.

Authorities declared an emergency situation and are diligently working to clear the roads. Officials also appealed to the public to refrain from traveling to Murree for a few days.

Meanwhile, Met department DG Khalid Abbassi told the media that all authorities were warned of snowfall on December 31.

Opposition slams government

While expressing sorrow at the tragedy in Murree, the Opposition took to Twitter to criticize the government. They claimed that the tragedy occurred due to the government’s incompetence. PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif expressed grief over the death of tourists and blamed the government.

“Where do you pin the responsibility of these deaths?” Shehbaz Sharif tweeted.

Meanwhile, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz said that the Murree tragedy was heart-wrenching. She added that the government’s job is not only to count the number of tourists but also to make arrangements for them.

“These people did not die of snow but from the incompetence of the government,” Maryam added.

“I have never seen such chaos, apathy and incompetence and a government that has nothing to do with the misery of people. What’s most shocking though is not only the dismissive attitude but the contempt & scorn they pour on the victims,” Maryam Nawaz tweeted.

PPP Senator Sherry Rehman termed the loss of precious lives a “massive tragedy”. She said the government surely needed to be more vigilant about the tourist’s influx in extreme weather conditions.